Muhammadiyah Scholarship for Muhammadiyah Members

Author : Humas | Friday, March 13, 2015 14:12 WIB
Scholarship: University of  Muhammadiyah Malang opens special scholarship for Muhammadiyah members by cutting-off 50% payment for Education Development Fund (DPP). It is addressed for all departments in UMM.

There is great offering for graduates of Muhammadiyah Senior High having willingness to study in University of Muhammadiyah Malang. They have special scholarship from Muhammadiyah by cutting half-payment of Education Development Fund (DPP). This scholarship is designed for all departments in UMM.

            UMM Rector Prof. Dr. Muhadjir Effendy, MAP explained that it was one of UMM commitments in terms of education. “Through this scholarship, it is expected to gain many Muhammadiyah members continuing their study in tertiary level, especially in qualified universities,” said him.

            Adding, through this scholarship also, it was expected to all Muhammadiyah schools to select their best students. Moreover, the schools could also be promoted through it. Beside this scholarship, UMM also provides special scholarship for orphans and Ulema members. It is addressed for those recommended by Muhammadiyah Regional Council (PDM). Both Orphan and Ulema Tarjih scholarships (PPUT) provide full study cover for both semester fee and education development fund (DPP).

            Head of Technical Unit for Student Admission (UPT PMB) UMM Dr. Ir. Ermanu Azizul Hakim MT said that those scholarships had different requirements. “For Muhammadiyah scholarship, the applicants should be graduated from Muhammadiyah school whereas for orphans and PPUT scholarships, they have to attach recommendation letter from PDM. Especially, for PPUT scholarship, beside attaching recommendation letter they should attend selection process for Sharia and Tarbiyah department,” said him.

            Another interesting scholarship in UMM is siblings scholarship for those having sibling currently studying in UMM. It provides half-cut DPP based on number of siblings who are studying in UMM. There is also invited admission providing applicants free first semester payment. This admission is designed for those having score average higher than 75.00 from first to fifth semesters. Particularly for Pharmacy department, the applicants should own score 75.00 in both Natural Science and Math.

            Talent and interest scholarship is addressed for applicants having great achievement in sports, arts, scientific papers, and religion proved by Certificate from regional government. However, this scholarship is not addressed for Pharmacy department.

            All scholarships above could be achieved from first year study. During lecturing period, there are various scholarships such as Supersemar scholarship, BBM, PPA, Djarum Bakti Pendidikan, and European Exchange program.
     For further information and application form, Ermanu suggested applicants to directly access in “Any further questions related to these scholarships, you could directly visit UPT-PMB UMM,” he ended. (ger/zul/han/nas/t_stu)



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