Taufan and Malik, UMM Alumni the Activist of Documentary Film

Author : Humas | Tuesday, March 24, 2015 20:38 WIB

YOUNG FILMMAKER: Malik (left) and Topan (right), two alumni of UMM who are successful in Indonesia documentary film.


University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) has many alumni who are entering the world of cinematography; the two of them are Taufan Agustiyah Prakoso and Mohammad Abdul Malik. TAufan and Malik are the alumni of Communication science 2011 who started into the industry of audiovisual since 10 years ago. It was based on their hobby making indie film.

The progress of duet young filmmaker started famous when to be the winner of documentary film competition 2009, Eagle Award Documentary Competition. “Alhamdulillah in that time we got two awards. Starting from it we continued making a documentary film,” said Taufan.

The limitation of tool in that time did not obstruct their steps to create a work. “In that time the image recording devices such as pentacam was difficult to use and expensive. Finally we borrowed from Communication laboratory UMM,” he said.

Since that time, Taufan and Malik actively made documentary film. Sometimes they also made fiction film, one of it Darah Biru Arema that currently to be popular. Besides screened at various cities in Indonesia, this film also screened at some other countries such as Taiwan, Hongkong and Malaysia. In that film, Taufan has role as director while Malik as screenwriter.

“The player was from Aremania around the world. Even the last as I knew, Aremania from Saudi Arabia also played this film,” said Taufan.

Although quite successful making the film fiction genre, they still committed to develop documentary film. For Taufan and Malik, documentary film made them can learn many things from what they found. 

“Documentary was cool! We can learn to use instinct to find extraordinary people. If it is not unusual, so maybe not a documentary,” said both simultaneously. Recently, example, they just completed documentary film that told a village in Singaraja, Bali, that almost all of people are deaf. He said this phenomenon only three in the world and Indonesia is one of them.

Interestingly, in that village there is one farmer who mastered four foreign languages. This farmer who often translated the desire of people when communicate with other villages and communities. “He was not an ordinary farmer, but he was extraordinary farmer. In not extraordinary, impossible to be documentary,” said Taufan.

For Taufan, research is the key of success in making documentary. “Before making documentary film, research must be conducted, because it is the power of documentary film,” he said.

Taufan believed research that conducted can give significant impact for audiences. In this time, both are making a film for the profile one of the biggest tourist rides in East Java. For profile creation they conducted research in two months. 

The success of Taufan in the field of documentary film was approved in one of national event; Festival Film Indonesia (FFI). In FFI 2011, his film was awarded as the best film in the category of documentary film, when Taufan as Director of Photography (DOP). “In that time we made a film title ‘Donor ASI’, the director is Ms. Ani (Ani Ema Susanti), he is the former of TKI,” he said.

Talking about the development of cinematography in this campus, Taufan or Malik admitted very optimistic, young filmmaker UMM has good prospect in the future. Moreover with Malang Film Festival (MAFI Fest) event which is the original product of Student Activity Unit (UKM) Kine Club UMM.

Malik who is the alumni of Kine Club admitted very appreciate the existence of MAFI Fest which has been running since 11 years. “Proud of MAFI Fest in UMM and Alhamdulillah until today is still given opportunity to appreciate,” said Malik.

Malik had been a MAFI Fest committee and currently trusted to be the curator. Malik admitted the quality of film that produced were various and appropriate with the development of technology. “MAFI Fest is very interesting, especially with category for school student,” he added.   

Previously, in 2012, Taufan and Malik also contributed in filmmaking titled Jas Merah Kampus Putih. (nay/zul/han/t_zuh)



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