The Traditional Java Dance Performance of Foreign Students Enlives the Stage Culture of UMM

Author : Humas | Saturday, October 17, 2015 15:33 WIB

Institute of Culture of University of Muhammadyah Malang (UMM) held again Night of Art and Culture Expression (Maksidaya) on Friday night (16/10). This event, which was held at UMM Helipad, presented art performances of some Student Activity Unit (UKM) of UMM.

Maksidaya was started with the dazzling performance of Java Bedayan dance presented by nine foreign students. Those nine students are Catarina Amaral from Portugal, Markhabo Rihsibaevna from Uzbekistan, Olena Fedak and Tetiana Ishchenko from Ukraine, Morgane Hebert from France, Martina Bartikova from Czech Republic, Adnan Kharrousheh from Palestine, Maciej Hetmanczyk from Poland, and Fei Yao from China.

“We trained for at least 10 days,” as said by Catarina Amaral that also admitted that it was the first she performed the traditional java dance.

She felt really nerveous at the beginning but after the performance, she and her friends was pleased then cried. She wishes to continue training the traditional dance and to try new things in the near future.

“If there is another chance, I’d like to challenge myself in a more difficult traditional dance,” she added.

Dr. Diah Karmiyati, M.Si as the Vice Rector III of UMM, meanwhile, stated that UMM has become the representative of Indonesia. “There are a lot of culture here. Starting from Sabang to Merauke. Furthermore, the atmosphere in UMM is always harmonious, safe, and peaceful,” as said by her while continuing reading a poem by KH. Mustofa Bisri which tells about islamic new year at 1437 H.

The theme of this Maksidaya event is “Rise Indonesia Youngsters.” The Head of LK UMM, Dr. Tri Sulistyaningsih, M.Si said that the chosen theme is coincide with the Islamic new year of 1437H and Hari Sumpah Pemuda on the next October 28. “We expect that there should be a will to rise up through art and culture. Rising up from the adversity of economy, politic, and so on,” as Tri stated.

Some of UKM like Ikabama, Radio of UMM FM, student choir (PSM) of Gita Surya, UKM of Sangsekarta dance, Lentera theatre, UKM of Focus, LSO of Jufoc, and LSO of Islamic Faculty (FAI) also participated in Maksidaya. They performed music, oper, theater, dance, and the exhibition of fine arts, photos, and calligraphies as well.

Despite having held three times, the concept brought by LK UMM is always new and fresh, especially the stage. Maksidaya used open stage this time. “There were no roof and background. Having GKB of UMM directly as the background was our purpose,” as Tri said.

According to Tri, its philosophy is the performers and the audience were expected to democratically interract to each other. “There will be more Red and White flag as the national identity. We hope that the revival of Indonesia can be started from this culture,” Tri said.

In this 2015, this Maksidaya was the 3rd time. Every year, Maksidaya is held four times a year. Tri then added that “by holding this event, Maksidaya will not only accomodate the creation and the creativity of the students but also introduce the culture of Indonesia. Besides that, this event will become an asset to attract foreign tourists.” (dik/zulhan/han/t_rfd)


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