Preventing Radicalism, P2KK UMM Concerns on Nationalism

Author : Humas | Monday, May 18, 2015 14:47 WIB
Berita UMM

Personality Development and Leadership Program (P2KK) University of Muhammadiyah Malang has come to term XI this year. Since being formed in last 2004, this program has yield student generations having great personality, morals, nationalist, and multiculturalist. In society, UMM graduates have been recognized as generation of faithful, tolerant, and moderate.

Along with his staffs, Head of UPT P2KK Drs. Khozin, M.Si on Monday (18/5) prepared this program very well. The program will be held during May 25th to January 30th, 2015. “Principally, this program is aimed to arm students with great insights of academic affairs, personality development, sharia-based praying ability, and leadership,” he stated.

Apart from those insights, Al-Islam will be the largest materials compared to others. It concerns on Islamic Teachings: akidah (belief development, red), moderate, and rahmatan lil alamin. “Hopefully, P2KK could effectively develop student’s nationalism and prevent radicalism,” he added.

They, the audiences, said Khozin were directly indoctrinated by rector to stay away from four prohibitions: free sex, drugs, crime, and violence. According to rector, Prof. Dr. Muhadjir Effendy, MAP, those four prohibitions are devil’s gate that should be tightly closed. Otherwise, the university would surely expel them. “It is done to prevent bad practices for next generation. We have to dedicate them for better nation,” said him.

P2KK is designed for all UMM students as compulsory requirement. This program lasts for a week in dormitory. During this quarantine, the participants are not allowed to carry any communication tools (gadgets). During the program, every day they have to pray correctly based on Qur’an and Hadits, get involved in discussions, and build a commitment to live as student with high nationalism.

To maintain this program, all trainers and companions were thoroughly selected. Besides, the materials were compiled in a book. This year, the program reaches term XXVII consisted of 170 participants. Due to Ramadhan and Id. Fitri next month, UPT P2KK has scheduled all groups based on hometown. “For those coming from outside Java, or Central Java, West Java, and Jakarta, we have arranged it before Id. Fitri so that they will easily find transportation for homecoming,” Khozin ended. (nas/t_stu)



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