Improving Values Through Acts, UMM Student Actively Tells Stories Around Students and Schools

Author : Humas | Monday, April 23, 2018 16:34 WIB
Tyas was doing storytelling in the middle of Gracia Nusantara elementary school students
The storytelling habit has become almost extinct in modern society today. This is unfortunate, considering "storytelling" is one of the best methods to instill values, especially to children. Departing from this phenomenon, Indah Rahayuning Tyas, Indonesian Language Education student Faculty of Teacher Training and Education (FKIP) University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) chooses to spend their spare time to actively storytelling.
"My goal is to influence the child to understand good and bad things through the characters told, which will have an impact on a child's life," said the eighth semester student.
Tyas, her nickname, admitted like a fairy tale because as a child often read the story by the father. Together with Lulu doll who became his partner in storytelling, Tyas diligently visited many orphanages and schools. In addition, the Purwokerto girl of Central Java is also incorporated in the storytelling community, the Indonesian Dongeng Movement (Gendong Indonesia) which often works with Save Street Children Malang, FIM Malang Candi Kidal and Perak (Family of Ramadhan Family) to fill various events.
"At least, I am storytelling for three to four times a month, it is also important to train skills such as holding dolls and the sounds can be consistent," she added.
At the end, Tyas hopes through storytelling, later on she can teach Indonesian lessons in a fun and not boring way.
"I want to be a creative teacher, because during my school years, I feel the Indonesian language tends to be boring because the teacher is less attractive, and generally the children like to listen to stories, so I think this fairy tale method is very fitting," she concluded.


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