Perform Maximally, Two UMM Bridge Teams Achieved 4 victors at KJI XIV Makassar

Author : Humas | Tuesday, December 04, 2018 08:42 WIB
Second right, Ana Mahrurin, Red Jaeger team representative is receiving an award certificate. (Photo by: Special)

The name of Faculty of Engineering University of Muhammadiyah Malang is echoing at the closing of Indonesia Bridge Competition (KJI) XIV and Indonesia Building Competition (KBGI) X at Ujung Pandang Polytechnic (PUNP), on Sunday (2/12).


Sending two teams for KJI, UMM has succeeded to be the 1st champion in the category of Cold Rolled Bridge and 3rd champion in the category of Bow Bridge.


The Cold Rolled Bridge named Tudang Sipulang has a unique thing namely deflection, or change the frame of the bridge after being given a load, whose mark is very small.


According to Andre Oktavian Wijaya, one of Red Jaegar teams, Tudang Sipulag generates 2.175 mm deflection only of the maximal number for 15 mm deflection. As a result, Tudang Sipulang became the strongest bridge.


“After testing the load of life which has 400 kg in the middle of the bridge, the deflection produced by Tudang Sipulang Bridge is very far from the maximum number of deflection,” Andre said.


Furthermore, Red Jaegar team also succeeded to be the best champion in the category of K3. This was admitted by Andre because the completeness of construction warning boards and security clothing wearing by all members.


Meanwhile, the second bridge from Naraya Team has advantage as environmentally friendly bridge. Admitted by Harrys Purnama, the bridge he and his teammates made, they put solar panels in the ends of the bridge.


The solar panels become electrical energy lighting in the night. “The uniqueness of this bridge is the solar panels used as electricity for street lighting in the bridge,” Harrys explained.


Recently, Faculty of Engineering UMM has won the Energy-efficient Car Competition (KMHE) 2018 at Public University of Padang. UMM Mekatronic team has succeeded to be the 1st winner in the category of Urban Electricity. In other hand, the women team has succeeded to be the champion in the category of The Best Aesthetics Design.


Therefore, UMM Rector truly appreciated those achievement. “I really appreciate these achievement. Hopefully, they will have more spirit o compete,” said Fauzan.


“These achievement ain’t make us satisfied. We will continually prepare the students to excel in both national and international level,” he said.


He told, UMM has its own way to appreciate every achievement achieved by the students. This, continued Fauzan, is in line with motto of UMM achievement, “No Achievement that is Not Appreciated”. (ard)



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