Increasing Provision of Nursing Graduates, UMM Brings Japanese Expert Teachers

Author : Humas | Sunday, August 19, 2018 15:45 WIB
A student and Yamamoto (assisted translator) practice how to care for elderly blind people

Cooperation between University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) and Mate-care co. Ltd was continued. It was implemented by holding a Japanese language learning program and practicing for elderly patients (elderly).

If previously the language skills preparation program and supporting competencies were intended for nursing graduates, starting from this new school academic year, UMM nursing first semester students would immediately get the provision.
"This period of nursing students who are in the first semester will be provided with Japanese. So, when they passed directly they could be sent to Japan. This program lasts for 8 months. For graduates, it is carried out before they are sent to Japan," explained the Coordinator of Special Rector Assistance of UMM, Tulus Winarsunu on Saturday, (18/8) at Campus 1 UMM.
Specially, one of the instructors in this program was directly imported from the cherry country. He was Yamamoto from Kobe International University. This man's experience in the world of nursing cannot be underestimated. For more than 10 years, Yamamoto has been in a famous elderly hospital in Japan.
"I have been exposed to cancer and then operated. Then, I was treated at an elderly hospital. I worked there and that's where I knew many problems faced by the elderly," Yamamoto said.
Not only Yamamoto, Dr. S. Sugiura from Reitaku University was also interested in UMM. Sugiura plans to follow in Yamamoto's tread to collaborate in the future. "I cannot answer the concreteness of the collaboration now, but I make sure I will bring a message from UMM Rector to be submitted to my Rector in Japan to be discussed with the officials," he explained.
UMM and Mate Care collaboration aimed to shorten the waiting time for students' work. This is in line with the spirit of UMM program, which is Definitely Passing four years, Definitely Working and Independent. Through the provision of competencies provided, UMM ensures its graduates ready to enter the world of work and continue to work. (ard)


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