Not Just A Comparative Study, STIKES Aisyiyah Palembang Participates Seminar at UMM

Author : Humas | Monday, April 20, 2015 12:09 WIB

Seminar: 120 students of Stikes Aisyiyah Palembang are receiving material that provided by UMM, Saturday (18/4)


STIKES Aisyiyah Palembang held comparative study and seminar at University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM), Saturday (18/4). They brought 120 participants of seminar and companied by the leader of STIKES and Aisyiyah. From UMM, also greeted by Dean of Fikes, Yotok Bekti Prasetyo, SKep, MKep and staff of dean also the chief of study program.

The chief of Supervisor STIKES Aisyiyah Palembang, Dra. Darwi Hartati, MM, expected can earn many advices from UMM, especially related to management and curriculum. “I am sure our students are proud can visit to UMM, because we know UMM is the most superior in Indonesia. We want to learn a lot from UMM,” she said.

In response, Yoyok explained that Fikes also faculty that relatively young faculty in UMM. Different with other faculties that followed the history of UMM from the beginning, Fikes established when UMM has been famous so didn’t felt the difficulties to build a faculty. However, as part of UMM, Fikes tried to continue the struggle of pioneers to serve and develop Muhammadiyah through this faculty.

“The mandate which is given to us is to continue and improve the quality of Fikes, InsyaAlloh we will go forward together in developing Muhammadiyah charitable efforts,” said Yoyok.

Yoyok added, Fikes UMM started their development to international level. Collaborations with campuse and overseas institution are always to be developed. For the first step, the exchange of student and lecturer in ASEAN level has started in the beginning of this year. Previously, some students and lecturers of Fikes UMM also obtained exchange scholarship to Europe through Erasmus Mundus program.

While, in seminar session students followed the discussion about “Transcultural Nursing”. The speaker of this seminar is chief of Nursing Department UMM Henik Tri Rahayu, S.Kep, Ns., MS. Lecture who ever studied in Taiwan delivered transcultural nursing as disciplines science that focused on cultural differences that purposed to help the nurse in providing the best service to patient by understanding the background of culture, religion, education and social.

In her explanation, there are seven components in the assessment of transcultural nursing. There are philosophy factor, religious, generation and social, culture and life style, politic, economy and education. “Because in life, the medical nurse will find patient from various culture, therefore transcultural nursing very important to be learned and understood by the prospective nurse,” said Henik.  (ima/nas/t_zuh) 




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