Taiwan Center Provides 50 Quotas for UMM Student to Continue Their Studies in Asian Little Dragon Country

Author : Humas | Friday, July 06, 2018 09:30 WIB
The opportunity to study abroad became something that many students expect. This prompted University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) to continue to cooperate with foreign universities as well as institutions that provide information about international education. One of them is Taiwan Center, an information center institution related to scholarship and study opportunities.
"We give 50 people quota for UMM to be able to continue study in Taiwan that started on early September for one year," said Project Director Taiwan Center Indonesia, Arif Misbahul MBM.
He continued, 50 UMM students who enroll will be selected by Cheng Shiu University, Taiwan, a campus located in Kaohsiung City, the second largest city after Taipei.
After passing the selection, these students will take Taiwan language education courses and industry practice for one year. Hopefully, after this the alumni can have its own added value especially for a career in Taiwan.
To the students and prospective scholars who attended the Socialization of Professional Plus Practice Program today, Thursday (5/7) in the Senate Meeting Room of UMM, Arif also said that based on the current data, the number of unemployed undergraduates in Indonesia reached 630,000 people. This is in contrast to the situation in Taiwan that currently lack of manpower.
Seeing this situation, Arif emphasized the possibility of creating a symbiotic mutualism if Indonesia sent his bachelor to Taiwan. Taiwan can meet the needs of the workforce. Also, Indonesia can also reduce the number of unemployed.
"Unemployment occurs because it does not fit between the skills of graduates with the required criteria. The point is that the skills of graduates are not in accordance with the criteria required by the company, like language skills," he added.
At the end, Arif also conveyed to support the program, Taiwan Center will assist students in meeting various information related to the necessities of life.
"All will be informed, including the contribution of Education Contribution (SPP) in Cheng Shiu University," he said.
Special Assistant Rector for Cooperation of UMM Soeparto said that, cooperation with Taiwan Center is a form of internationalization. One aspect of international recognition is the development of global citizen ship. In the development of the global community, there is an internship program.
"There are lectures and internships. Usually, the transfer only provides lecturing but this lecturing and internship. With the program, students will have the competence to work in Taiwan," he added.
In the future, UMM will publish, select, and recruit students to be enrolled and apprenticed to Taiwan. Furthermore, these students will also follow the selection process from the campus.
"Surely, there is a selection, which obviously have transcripts, English proficiency, CV for extracurricular activities and motivation letter," he concluded. (ard)


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