In 2018, 9 Thousands of Indonesian Students Study in the US

Author : Humas | Thursday, September 13, 2018 18:17 WIB

Nowadays, many Indonesian students study abroad due to the better quality. Many of them choose the Country of Uncle Sam to study. In 2018, around 9 thousands of Indonesian students are studying in the United States.

Today, many Indonesians are competing to study abroad under the pretext of better quality education. Not infrequently among those who make choices in the land of Uncle Sam, United States. In 2018, there were around 9 thousand Indonesian students studying in the country.

As stated by Christine Getzler Vaughan, the Head of Public Relations US General Consulate of Surabaya, around 9000 Indonesian students are studying in the US for taking undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral degree. Meanwhile, there are 100.000 students from China coming to US for study. Christine hopes that this education exhibition held by EducationUSA Indonesia in Hall Dome University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) will attract more Indonesian students studying in the US. “I am hoping that the numbers of Indonesian students in the US will increase. We give opportunity to those who have great potential to study in the US”.

This time, EducationUSA Indonesia collaborated with 22 American universities to participate in this education exhibition; they are Arizona State University, Marymount University, Michigan State University, Pennsylvania State University, University of Colorado and New York University.

American General Consulate for East Indonesia, Mark McGoven revealed that the purpose of this education exhibition is to introduce universities in the US to Indonesian students, especially in Malang. “Besides, we want to strengthen the bilateral relation between Indonesia and United States in education field”.

Vice Rector I UMM, Prof.Dr.Syamsul Arifin, M.Si. welcomes what was conveyed by McGoven. Syamsul hopes that this exhibition would broaden the opportunities for UMM students to study in the US. “This is the fourth times for UMM become a host for USA education exhibition. I am hoping that there will be many UMM students who continue their education in the US”.

American Education exhibition or usually known as USA Education fair is a routine event held every year and is open to public. This year, this event will be held in two cities, which are Malang and Jakarta. (lus)



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