Bored with doing thesis, UMM students were actually champions of the National Writing Competition

Author : Humas | Sunday, May 05, 2019 21:08 WIB
Abdul Aziz Pranatha (middle). (Photo: Special)

Eliminating boredom can be done in various ways. The way of this student of Ahwal Shakhshiyah Department University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) might be exemplary. Starting from his intention to do the final assignment, Abdul Aziz Pranatha actually got champion in the competition to write national inspirational stories at the LDK Madaniyah Fair in Bangka-Belitung University (UBB) 2019.

"Starting from my boredom when compiling my thesis, I finally opened Instagram for a moment to refresh my brain. Then find information related to the competition held by the organization," Story Aziz, Saturday (4/5). Taking the title "Preman Rehabilitation Cottage", Aziz had its own message to be conveyed by this eighth-semester student.

Feeling unconfident when entering the top ten, Aziz stepped forward to stick to his rivals to win second place. The first place winner was Pangkal Pinang Ministry of Health Polytechnic. "Whatever our ability is, even though it is something that we think normal and easy if we are serious and engaged, it will be extraordinary," he said.

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The story he wrote was set in junior high school students from a religious family. Because wrong chose friends, the child who was originally good, turned into the head of a gang of Preman until he was discovered by parents. Then he was entered into an Islamic boarding school. Finally, the child succeeded in pursuing a dream of sitting in college. "I take stories based on my own story and personal experience," said Aziz.

"The message I want to deliver in this story is that the Islamic boarding school is one of the best options for parents in providing education to children. Because in addition to educating and training discipline, Islamic boarding schools also teach religion which includes good morals and character for the future of the child's life," he concluded. (Win)



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