Loves Film since SMA, Produce about 6-9 Films

Author : Humas | Wednesday, March 18, 2015 16:10 WIB

PRODUCTIVE: (right to left) Umar, Yuli and Maharina when producing film.


UMAR Abdul Aziz, Yuli Lestari, and Maharina Novia Zahro are three among dozens productive member of Student Activity Unit (UKM) Cinematography, Kine Club, University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM). Passion in film made them enjoy every film production to be conducted. Example Umar, who experienced making fiction and documentary film.

“I produced around eight films. Usually I am responsible in storyboard or cameraman. But the most often as storyboard,” said Umar who as Chief of Kine Club UMM.

As well as Umar, Secretary of Kine Club UMM Yuli Lestari also produced about seven films. Five of them were produced during as student, the last when in senior high school.  

“Incidentally, there is film subject in my senior high school. Mostly I was in directing department when production. Sometimes to be director, sometimes as assistant director,” said student of International Relation (HI) UMM.

Different with Umar and Yuli who has been in world of film since senior high school, Maharina first became interested with film when in the beginning of college student 2012. Her interest and involvement in the world of film made her believed as the Director of Malang Film Festival (MAFI) Fest 2015.  

 “Firstly I can’t make film, I just watching film in laptop. Now I can produce my own film, and I can work film event such as MAFI Fest. Now, I already produced 6-7 films. Mostly I was as producer or managerial section. Sometimes also in directing department,” said Maharina.

Not only Umar, Yuli and Maharina, two years ago some representative of Kine Club UMM who is mastered in department of photography (DOP) and sound incorporated in team of LA Indie Movie 2013. Film titled “Jumprit Singit” already played until Singapore and Europe.

“This is an honor for Kine Club and UMM, our members’ film screened abroad,” said Umar.

He expected films by Malang filmmaker can be played and appreciated nationally and internationally.

“The film ‘Darah Biru Arema’ is the example of film by filmmaker Malang that successful entered to national and international. Hopefully following by other films,” he expected. (zul/han/t_zuh)




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