Student Day UMM, Trains the Student to Have Mental Fighters

Author : Humas | Saturday, December 23, 2017 15:00 WIB
Chairman of the Board of Trustees Daily (BPH) UMM Prof. Dr. Malik Fadjar

Closing ceremony of Student Day 2017 University of Muhammadiyah Malang was held on Saturday (23/12) and was officially closed by UMM Rector, Drs.Fauzan, M.Pd. Student Day is aimed to develop talents and interests of new students. New students of 2017-2018 from various faculties can develop their skills in art, sport, academic, and creativity.

In his speech, Fauzan advised that the students should keep their spirit although they are no longer joining Student Day. They have to implement things what they already get during joining Student Day in campus life. Fauzan said, “You should have the essence of Student Day in your soul”. Students have to have strong mental and mental fighters so they will provide benefits for society. He said, “Be a mental fighter, so you who are students of UMM can provide benefits for people in the future”.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the Board of Trustees Daily (BPH) UMM Prof. Dr. Malik Fadjar hopes that Student Day that has already become annual tradition held by UMM for 20 years is not only just a routine agenda. Malik hopes that this activity can make better generation than before especially in developing student need and student interest which become the realization of Tri Darma Perguruan Tinggi. Malik said, “Student Day is fun, exciting, and educational activity for students”.

Furthermore, Malik said that UMM Students have to create good and intelligent interaction by literacy movement to achieve the ideal of the nation. According to him, a successful generation must read. They rely on books instead of relying on the internet. “Students who love reading will be a successful generation. Reading is the key to succeed”. There were also local dance and music performances performed by the students.

One of students, Andini from Faculty of Psychology said that she got a lot of benefits during following the Student Day activity. She said, “I learned how to arrange a Student Creativity Program/PKM taught by seniors. Besides, I can join dancing club and participate in dance competition in University level”.

As the peak of the Student Day activity that has been held since October, students got appreciation for achievement in academic and non-academic field. In the future, Student Day which is a student creativity event at faculty level will continue with student creativity event at university level called Rector Cup.(lus)



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