Stress Working on Thesis Can Be Overcome with Positive and Optimistic Thoughts

Author : Humas | Monday, January 07, 2019 15:00 WIB
Muhammad Salis Yuniardi, M.Psi., Ph.D., Psychologist, Dean of Psychology at the University of Muhammadiyah Malang. (Photo: Mirza / Humas)

Last December 2018, two students from well-known state universities in Bandung, West Java were found died. After an investigation, the police concluded the incident on suspicion of suicide. Evidently, one of these alleged suicides was due to pressure while working on the thesis.

Responding to this, Muhammad Salis Yuniardi, M.Psi., Ph.D., Psychologist, Dean of Psychology at the University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM), was met at his office on Monday (1/7) said that depression was a factor in committing suicide. "Depression is a stage where someone loses hope. Of course, the mind will be swayed, "he said.

First, he continued, when getting a problem, someone will be stress. Stress is the main door before entering the stage of depression. According to a man who graduated from Doctoral the Psychology Institute of Neuroscience Newcastle University, United Kingdom, everyone certainly had a problem.

So, said Salis, of course, there were some things that must be held firmly. Like religious beliefs. "Believers are taught to think positively and optimistically, this is key in every inch of life," he explained. Even so, in order to not enter the stage of depression, Salis suggested a number of things that could be done.

First is sharing stories with people who were trusted. However, he admitted, not everyone can become a partner to share stories. It must be someone who can be trusted. Furthermore, you can also tell an expert or psychologist. "Psychologists work under oath, then confidential security will be fully guaranteed," he explained.

The next, based on salis, the mindset of someone must be proper. “If we think ourselves are not capable, then it will most likely happen. It will be suggestions that will lead to the efforts that will be made," he said. In order to be not stuck in the depression, positive thinking and optimism must be the life grip.

When working on the thesis. "Don't think as if you only did the thesis. This is the stage that all academics must go through, "he said. Furthermore, the mindset that must be instilled must be optimistic because so many people have also done their thesis thoroughly. (Win)




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