The UMM Academic Standing is More and More Steady

Author : Humas | Saturday, July 17, 2010 14:36 WIB


Top: Prof. Dr. Ir. Dyah Roeswitawati, MS. of plant desease field

Bottom: Prof. Dr. Ir. Jabal Tarik Ibrahim, M.Si. of education for development field

           Located in the UMM dome theater, Saturday (07/17), rector presided opened senate meeting in inauguration ceremony of two professors of Faculty of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry (FPP); Prof. Dr. Ir. Dyah Roeswitawati, MS. in the field of plant diseases and Prof. Dr. Ir. Jabal Tarik Ibrahim, M. Si in the field of education development.

           In his speech, Dr. Muhadjir Effendy, MAP. stated that combining the inauguration of the two professors at one time did not reduce the authority and prestige of the event. "By the increasing number of FPP professor, on the one hand I am very happy because it will further strengthen the academic and scientific quality. On the other hand, it gives credit points to the faculty, so it is expected that there will be increase in number of students who interest in FPP," said the rector in joking tone.

           In accordance with the scientific papers of organic farming idea presented by Prof. Diah, the Rector said that UMM has been promoting the implementation of pro-environment farming for a healthier life that is free of pesticides. "Pioneered by the Faculty of Agriculture, UMM has established agricultural infrastructures that produce organic commodities for the consumer from the inside and outside the campus, just like supplying food to the UMM Inn, for example, cholesterol free egg," explained rector proudly.

           Rector explained that the term “professor” came from the Latin profesio in which it has meaning bai’at or oath. So, professors are those who have sworn to uphold the practice of science owned in the service of life and the development of science itself.

           Meanwhile, scientific oration presented by Professor. Jabal Tarik Ibrahim highlighted the food security for people and nation of Indonesia. Some steps offered to achieve a stable food security such as; strengthening the handling of hunger and poverty, stabilizing food availability, stabilizing food distribution and stabilizing consumption. (rwp/jss/t_alf)




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