Anti-Mosquito Natural Spray to Prevent Dengue Fever

Author : Humas | Wednesday, July 24, 2019 07:57 WIB
Anti-Dengue Fever Mosquito Spray. (Photo: Special)

The high number of dengue fever sufferers in this region encourages this group of students to create a natural mosquito repellent spray. They are the students of the 10 Community Service Team (KKN) at the University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) in Jambesari Village, Poncokusumo sub-district, Malang Regency concocting anti-mosquito spray from natural and environmentally friendly materials.

"Our idea is to make mosquito repellent spray with natural ingredients as the solution so that people do not always depend on lotions and mosquito repellent manufacturers. Which mostly contains a lot of chemicals that are quite dangerous for health. Among them are dangerous in causing respiratory problems," explained Dinda Muni Nurhandini, member of the UMM 10 KKN Team Health Division.

This spray is created asa solution for people who are allergic and sensitive to mosquito repellent lotion. This spray is fairly natural because utilizing the potential of citrus fruit cultivation in Jambesari Village that not been able to be utilized properly. "Fogging and 3M plus programs are also not effective enough to reduce the spread of this deadly disease," said Dinda Muji as the idea founder.

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The ingredients themselves consist of lemongrass, orange peel, and cloves. Lemongrass hasbeen proven in repelling mosquitoes. While the aroma of orange peel is hated by mosquitoes because there is limonene in it. Also, clove flowers are proven inconsisting of bioactive compounds in the presence of insects. "All of the ingredients are easily available and affordable," said Refa Maulana as the coordinator of health and environment division.

Making this spray is one of the programs of the health and environmental division of UMM KKN 10 team. Atik as the head of Village Posyandu Jambesari who appreciated the innovative steps of this UMM student team. According to him, this product has the potential in becoming a superior product of thevillage. "We are grateful for the valuable findings of UMM students in our village," said Atik. (joh)



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