Sociology Department of UMM Promoting Environmental Conservation through Film

Author : Humas | Saturday, June 30, 2018 13:59 WIB
Kampung Impian,one of the films made by UMM students

Audio visual media combines both sight and hearing to catch what it is explained. One of kinds of audio visual media is film. Sociology Department, Faculty of Social and Political Science, University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) made a film about environment in order to make people take more care about their environment.

Rachmad K Dwi Susilo who teaches Environmental Sociology class conveyed that Sociology Department can promotes the environmental conservation values to society through this film. Moreover, students learn how to create an inspiring work. Rachmad said, “They are free to choose the themes, it is up to them”.

One of inspiring works made by student is “Video Sang Inspirator Lingkungan (the video about environmental inspiratory)“ which tells how Ribut Hartono who is an artist and environmental activist strived water supply in his place. When he was a child, he supplied water to the poor. Then, when he was a teenager, he supplied water to the people in Kukuk Village, Punten Sub-district, Bumi Aji District, Batu.

Ribut who is a veterinarian has done a lot for his village. In 2010, he was demonstrated by citizens because of his idea in supplying water from Banyuning fount to people’s houses, but he never gave up and walked away. Now, Punten village is not lack of water anymore.

Rahadi, MSi, the trainer of Student Activity Unit Kine Cinematography Club UMM said that Socilogy Dpartment has taken the right way. Audio visual media is an effective way to deliver certain issues because it is easily understood.

Nevertheless, the process of this film production is still continuing in order to make the messages on it can be easily caught by the audiences. Rhadi said, “The content of audio visual should have clear purposes, because it affects the cognitive, effective, and the behavior of the audiences”. There are other films made by the students, such as Kampung Impian (The Dream Village), Talun Temalunm Petuah, and Greaatly Outdoor. (lus)



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