Sophia Mega Sabila, the Winner of Public Relation Competition

Author : Humas | Monday, October 23, 2017 17:00 WIB
Sophia Mega Sabila shares her experiences during the co-working space event in Malang.

CREATION and achievement had become the vein of Sophia Mega Sabila, Communication Studies Department student of University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM). Recently,  Mega just won the 1st winner of  Marketing Public Relations competition at Multimedia Nusantara University (UMN) on October 14, 2017.

This achievement has completed her previous achievement, the 2nd winner on Public Relations (PR) Competition in the 2017 Communication Week at University of Indonesia (UI) on April, 2017. Not only achievement in the competition, Mega is also productively writing on media online and even making vlog on Youtube.

To be a winner in the national PR championship, it was not really easy for her. It took a lot of preparation in mental, physical and even on subject to be contested. In addition, she has worked with different teams in each competition, which demanded quickly to adapt and work with new people.

During  the UI competition she grouped with Febiana Anggi and Arif Angga Yudha, but when competiton at UMN she with Ahmad Haris Kurniawan and Ade Jamal. Just like Mega, they are all Communication Studies student of UMM.

"One of the challenges is that I always work with different teams in each competition. But I still enjoy it because I like meeting and working with new friends," said the girl who loves reading, writing and drinking coffee..

Currently Mega is preparing to attend the PR competition at Surabaya State University (UNS) by the end of this October.

In terms of writing, some Mega’s writings can be found at,, IKI MALANG,, and on its own website she also made book review on her Youtube channel Sophia Mega. In addition, this November she planned to launch his book entitled

"I write about many things, but mostly regarding book and coffee. For coffee I write more on website and for book review I made it into audio visual on my Youtube chanel, " she explained.

Mega admitted had has a successful tips to reach the dreams. First, we  have to like those dream, second we have to learn more about what we want to achieve and the last do not give up when fail.

"The important thing is do not give up, because to be succees or win it takes the process. So such a failure at the first competition do not give up, and make sure that it will be better in the next competition, "he explained. (Naz)



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