Sunnah Diet Snack THAMR Chocolate Fill Dates Product by UMM Student

Author : Humas | Tuesday, October 02, 2018 16:04 WIB

The date palm. The fruit from the Middle East country is familiar and favored by elderly. It has a sweet taste and a lot of benefits, unfortunately typical gifts of congregation Hajj and Umrah are not so popular with young people.

Look at this phenomenon, a Psychology student University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) Meita Hanifatus Shobiroh trying to be creative to make a snack made from dates that can steal the hearts of the young. He invited two colleagues, Ulinnuha Lailanur Mawarni and M. Guntur Purwodi who were one of the state campus students in Malang, to innovate to produce Sunnah Diet Snack, THAMR Chocolate Fill Dates.

"We want to introduce that dates are not just for the elderly. Through our products, young people can also like dates with numerous various offered, "he explained, Tuesday (10/2).

In addition to present a variety of flavors, packaging beautiful design and attractive as well and affordable prices are the mainstay of Meita to market its products. Meita also explained some of the other advantages offered by healthy snacks such as fiber rich, without added sugar, can strengthen bones, improve skin, keep blood pressure up to maintain heart health.

"These dates palm are also without preservatives and additional sweeteners, because the dates themselves are really sweet, so the elderly don't have to worry about diabetes. Although without artificial preservatives, the THAMR chocolate-filled dates can take one year of its origin if they are not exposed to direct sunlight, "he explained.

Offering delicious snacks with economical prices, Thamr Chocolate Fill Dates are sold with two packaging options. Premium packaging contains 8 dates for Rp. 8 thousand and a medium package of 0.5 kg for Rp. 50 thousand. Using an online system, products that soon have this cheese flavor variant have touched all regions of Java, Lombok to Sumatra. Meita ever pocketed a profit reached millions of dollars each month.

"Yesterday at Eid Fitr holiday we sent out of the island too, to Lombok to Pekanbaru. Alhamdulillah, it has reached millions of rupiah every month, "she concluded. (wid / sil)



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