UMM Students Creation Smart Barge Won Silver Medal in Japan

Author : Humas | Tuesday, December 10, 2019 09:39 WIB
UMM Team after achieving their medal. (Photo: Special)

Quality enhancing technology innovation and accelerating the production of Smart Barge salt by students of the Faculty of Engineering, University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) won the world-class Advanced Innovation Jam (AI-JAM) event in Tokyo, Japan, Sunday (12/8). They won with a very satisfying achievement.

Zehandana Khatami Rasyid, Haryo Widya Darmawan, and Annisa Widya Nurmalitasari are White Campus students who succeeded in bringing back the name of Indonesia by snatching silver medal. Through the Indonesian Invention and Innovation Promotion Association (INNOPA), UMM advanced with 17 other Indonesian teams.

"The problem is that we want to increase production capacity. While the main problem is limited land. So our plan is to reduce the causes of salt-forming. Then from the path problem, it can be modified with engineering,” said Haryo. They were also praised by the jury. "The jury said, cool," he said.

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According to students who often participate in international events like this, a solution is needed in the form of land expansion which is flexible but helps accelerate the production of salt according to appropriate standards. So that it can be moved and brought closer to the factory, thereby reducing transport and operational costs of trucks.

"Adding a floating landform as a solution started to make sense because it can be moved or brought closer to the factory. And embedded additional technology in the form of an android control device to determine the position, water content, temperature, and activation of automatic mechatronic features," explained Haryo via WhatsApp (9/12).

Because it is equipped with a roof, mirror, windmill generator, automatic shovel, a stainless barge, tow hook, and anchor make it easy to move. So that the manufacture of hybrid salt ponds is expected to be a solution to help farmers accelerate the production of salt according to industry requirements.

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With this barge design, it was expected to answer problems such as land limitations because the crystallization process was carried out on the sea, the quality of salt that could be improved such as cleanliness, color, decrease in water content, and production acceleration which was originally 15 days to 8-10 days due to mechatronic engineering.

"It means that the production of the harvest will be faster with better quality and will increase the selling price of a higher crop. It is hoped that this solution will be the cause of the cessation of salt imports by the government. We are preparing patent documents for this product," concluded Haryo, regarding the next plan. (joh)



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