Thailand's High School To Learn Indonesian Culture

Author : Humas | Friday, February 12, 2016 17:35 WIB
Latyouwityakhom Headmaster, Mr. Arun Rungraeng and FKIP Dean, Dr. Poncojari Wahyono, M.Kes

LATYOUWITYAKHOM, a high school from Thailand visites the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education (FKIP) University of Muhammadiyah Malang. They bring 12 people consist of the headmaster, teacher staffs and some students visiting UMM in order to seek a cooperation with UMM.

The FKIP UMM dean, Dr. Poncojari Wahyono, M.Kes, says that this visit is also a cooperation between FKIP and this Thailand high school. “This is also our way in broadening our cooperation with foreign universities and schools,” says Ponco in his office, Friday (12/2).

This cooperation also gives Latyowityakhom graduates to continue their study in UMM, especially in FKIP. “We have been sending our students to do their teaching internships since two years ago,” he says.

He says that FKIP UMM have also cooperated with other three schools in Malaysia and Singapore. The cooperation with this Thailand school will complete the existing cooperation. “This is also a preparation of MEA. If the possibility in other countries is higher, we will gladly take it. We will start it by cooperating with the ASEAN countries,” Ponco says.

Apart from the Dean and his staffs, this visit is also attended by the teacher staffs and students of SMAN 9 Malang. Ponco says that besides the cooperation between UMM and SMA 9 Malang, this school is also the sister school of Latyouwityakhom. “They also do the student exchange with SMAN 9 Malang while visiting UMM,” he asserts.

Ponco hopes that there will be many more cooperations of FKIP both in national and international level. “This is to improve our graduates quality so they can compete in this MEA era.”

Meanwhile, the Headmaster of Latyouwityakhom, Mr. Arun Rungraeng, says that the reason of visiting UMM is because UMM is a good university in learning Indonesian culture and Bahasa Indonesia. “We want to learn culture, language and education in Indonesia through UMM,” as asserted by him.

He is also happy and praises UMM as there are many Thai students who study in UMM. “They really speak Bahasa Indonesia and English fluently. This is a very good news,” Arun says.

FKIP UMM have already cooperated with 70 schools in Malang. Apart from the cooperation in teaching internship both in regional and international, FKIP also send their lecturers to the Indonesian school in other countries, namely in Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur to teach the students and teachers in those schools. Some of FKIP students is also sent to universities in China to do student exchange. (zul/han/t_rfd)




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