siPicow, The Disease Detector Application Created By UMM Students

Author : Humas | Wednesday, February 19, 2020 15:17 WIB
The “siPicow” Application Creator, from left Muhammad Nafi Maula Hakim, Mohammad Azhar Ridhani, Abdul Kabbar Nur Ihsan (Photo: Yasmin/PR UMM)

Lack of knowledge makes farmers less alert in handling diseases that are often suffered by livestock, such as cattle. So that, sometimes they do incorrect and less professional handling. Improper handling will resultedgradual losses. From waste use of drugs, expensive treatment and accommodation costs, as well as the cessation of production and sales. This problem must be solved.

From that problem, a group of students of the University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) developed a software called "siPicow". The purpose of this software development is to design and build a mobile application as a media for early detection and treatment of cow disease by utilizing an expert system, namely knowledge obtained from the media in the network and some experts who are experts in their fields.

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"Besides, if the loss is not handled immediately, it is likely that there will be an uncontrolled spread of disease. So that, it can cause the worst possible emergence of death in cattle and the occurrence of bankruptcy for breeders themselves," said Muhammad Nafi' Maula Hakim, one of the creator of the application. Nafi' and his friends Abdul Jabbar Nur Ihsan and Muhamad Azhar Ridani are the creator of the application which can be accessed with the Android and iOS mobile platforms.

The animal disease detector “siPicow” Application appearance. (Photo: Special)

Otherwise, Nafi' continued, if the farmer is able to master the terrain and situation, then the breeder is able to quickly overcome these problems without any doubt and worry about the risks they face. "Therefore, it is necessary to develop software that can be used as a reference by farmers as well as being a media of information and assistance through expert systems in the form of "siPicow" applications which are small and easy to use," Nafi said.

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Based on the results of data collecting through several stages that have been previously carried out, there are several features that are beneficial for cattle farmers, among others, the name of the disease often suffered by cattle, characteristics of the disease, causes of disease, symptoms of disease, early treatment of the disease, good and correct handling methods according to experts, sketches of pens and good environment for cattle, as well as feed management and management of cattle.

Literature study is carried out to collect the data or necessary requirements through several references. "The references that we use including the scientific journals, online media, and several credible sources from the internet. Not only that, we also conduct questions and answers to several people who are experts in the field of animal husbandry through the chat application media," explained Nafi who is a student of the Informatics Engineering 2017 when interviewed Tuesday (18/2). (joh)



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