UMM, Chinese Community Make Nation Friendly Meeting

Author : Humas | Monday, October 16, 2017 09:40 WIB
 Nation Friendly Meeting  between UMM and Ma Chung University, and Indonesian Chinese Association (INTI).

SILATURRAHIM Kebangsaan (Nation Friendly Meeting) which was held  between University of Muhammadiyah Malang,  Ma Chung University, and Indonesian Chinese Association (INTI)  on October 11, 2017 was expected to bring nation harmony within pluralism. UMM as a business charity of Muhammadiyah (AUM) was expected to be part of peace project.

UMM Rector Fauzan said that sense of nationalism would continue as a role of enriching life of the nation. Therefore, the Nation Friendly Meeting activity aimed to bridge the differences among the Indonesian pluralism.

"This activity is a form of UMM synergy to increase a sense of unity on behalf to build brotherhood . Because we are in a university environment, realization of national insight is not only artificial, " Fauzan said during his opening speech at UMM Auditorium.

Ma Chung University Rector Kunjaya explained that Nation Friendly Meeting aimed to unite in building the nation's progress to avoid destruction within Indonesian pluralism.

"Indonesia is shaped by differences, we work together to fill disadvantages of the differences to create a national harmony life," he explained.

In this activity, the Nation Friendly Meeting  also discussed about follow up plans. "Every plan is good and positive impact, it must be sustainable so the impact can be felt by the next generations," said Agus Endra, Malang INTI Coordinator. (Naz)




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