Year Establish, Department of Arabic Language Strengthens International Partnership

Author : Humas | Tuesday, April 07, 2015 15:08 WIB

INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION: Arabic Language Education UMM improved its quality with international cooperation.

As study program that newly open student admission last year, academic year 2014-1025, Arabic Language Department (PBA) Faculty of Islamic Education (FAI) University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) has a reliable quality to compete. It was seen from the competence of lecturers also lot of international cooperation that owned by this study program. 

The chief of PBA Department, Ahmad Fatoni Lc MAg said, the forerunner of the establishment of this department is very strong, such as proved the establishment of Arabic Language Laboratory since 1998. Since that year each new student Faculty of Islamic Studies is required to learn Arabic Language during the year.  

“This study is taken in semester 1 and semester 2. They also get graduation certificate after that. Similar with D1,” said the lecturer who learned in International Islamic University of Islamabad Pakistan.

Since 1998, Arabic language laboratory has native speaker lecturer from Academy al-Haramain Saudi Arabia for its cooperation with the government of Saudi Arabia and Islamic Attaches of Saudi Arabia Embassy. In addition to cooperation with government of Saudi Arabia, UMM also has cooperation with some universities, foundations also instances in Saudi Arabia which then has real effect for the quality of PBA UMM.  

There are a lot of cooperation; Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud Islamic University Riyadh for strengthening of Three principles of university, Qassim University for study of prophet history, also the foundation of al-Muassasah al-Islmaiyah Riyadh and institution of al Arabiyyah lil Jami’ for Da’wah and Arabic language training. 

Currently, PBA study program have six full-time lectures, added by some contract lecturer and lecturer staff of native speaker from Saudi Arabia. “Most of lecturers are the expert in Arabic language, so in term of lecturer staff already qualified,” said Fatoni.  

In fist year, there were eleven students who study in this department. Interestingly, if most of PBA department is followed by students who are expert in Arabic language or graduated from Islamic Boarding School, so different with PBA UMM. “Most of PBA student here are from general school and actually want to learn Arabic language in UMM,” said Fatoni.

Even though, Study program that established upon the initiation of International Cooperation Bureau (BKLN) UMM Dr Abdul Haris MA who has good plan for development. Next, PBA Department UMM will hold an international seminar of Arabic language. In addition, overseas comparative study for lecturers will be improved. 

PBA Study Program is developing Arab village in Margojoyo, Dau, Malang. In this Arab village, students are asked to use Arabic language as daily conversation.

With the presence of PBA Department, so UMM now has three department of language education. In addition to Arabic, Department of Indonesia Language and Literature and Department of English Education had been established previously. (nay/han/t_zuh)




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