Hoe Bicycle, an Efficient Tool to Reduce Muscle Injury of Farmer

Author : Humas | Friday, July 20, 2018 13:11 WIB

Hoe Bicycle created by Industrial Engineering Students of UMM

Farmers often complain about muscle injury when they are hoeing. That is why, Industrial Engineering, Engineering Faculty, University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) created a new great innovation namely Sepeda Cangkul Ergonomis (Ergonomic Hoe Bicycle).

Santi Purnamasari, one of the group members revealed that this idea came from by seeing the use of traditional hoe that often causes shoulders muscle injury. During the research, her group found that farmers must bend over and over again to use a hoe and put it on shoulder. Santi said, “We create this Hoe Bicycle to reduce the risk of muscle injury”. The design of this bicycle is so simple and can be operated easily, the farmer only needs to put the hoe blade on the ground, then point it to the left of right. To make it work easier, there is a tool that functions as a pedal. Santi explained, “Farmers do neet to lift up the hoe bicycle after they dig, they just need to move it to the right or left. By using this tool, the production of agriculture can be increased”.

This hoe bicycle uses secondhand goods. The wheel that is made from secondhand good is combined with steel. The slab on the bottom is used to remove the soil when the hoe is working.

Hoe Bicycle is created by Ricca Andhini Octaria, Hendy Arno Yulianto, R.Ay Shanty Permatasari, Asrorudin and Mahmud Adam. This great works is as the result of Product Development course. In this course, the students should be creative and have gain knowledge. They have to create a product that can be used for those with special need or agriculture. Other products that are created by the students are Kacamata Sensor Tuna Netra/ Kasentra (Eye Sensor Glasses), Mesin Cuci Gowes (Gowes Washing Machine), and Screentel Padi (Rice Screentel). (lus)



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