Anti Odor Shoes Sends UMM Students to the ASEAN Level Entrepreneurship Forum

Author : Humas | Saturday, August 11, 2018 15:23 WIB

Have you ever had a shoe that smelled because you rarely washed it? If it is right, this opportunity turns out to be a gold ticket for Deva Ayunda, students of the Management Study Program, Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) who won the Fully Funded 2018 ASEAN Young Entrepreneurs Forum Comparative Study.

This competition was a series of events from the 2018 International Business Plan Competition (IBPS) grand agenda organized by Edconex International and This is a platform that accommodates young people to develop an entrepreneurial spirit.

"I made shoes with automatic perfume gel using a model canvas business that I named it NextOne Shoes. The target market is for students and workers," said the woman who likes reading and writing.

Model Canvas Business is a business model consisting of 9 blocks of business activity areas, which have the goal of mapping strategies to build a strong business. It can win competition and succeed in the long term.

Meanwhile, the name of NextOne means the next generation. Deva is trying to design the product in such a way and adjust the business to today's young people who tend to like new and unique things.

"The gel is made from aloe vera and baking soda, given the scent of lavender and formulated to be put on the tip of the shoe," she explained.

Passed in this competition, Deva will have the opportunity to present her ideas at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Singapore and conduct marketing research in Malaysia on August 25-28.

"The international class content event is held at Nanyang Technological University which is the best university in Asia and market research in two countries. There are also city tours in two countries. This activity is expected to be able to make participants become global-minded entrepreneurs so that they are able to compete in the international arena," she added.

At the end Deva explained, the winners in the 2018 ASEAN Young Entrepreneurs Forum Comparative Study will get a prize in the form of a gold medal and funds of 250 Singapore Dollars. Deva also hoped, after this series of events, with the provision she got her business could be realized and strengthened. Currently, she is preparing her best presentation this month.

 "I am working on a proposal while trying to update the idea. So, when I present I will bring the product also," Deva concluded. (ard)



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