A Pharmacist Had To Serve To Humanity

Author : Humas | Thursday, September 26, 2019 11:28 WIB
The atmosphere of the inauguration room & the oath of the Pharmacist (Photo: Rizky / PR)

As many as forty-eight people on Wednesday (25/9), were appointed as Pharmacists in the event of the Inauguration of the Pharmacist 3rd Faculty of Health Sciences (Fikes) University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM). In his speech, the Vice-Rector 1 of UMM said, Pharmacists were not allowed to leave humanity. "In the hierarchy of values, humanity is number one. Above religion, and above all ideologies, "he said.

"So, if there is someone who wants to seek medical treatment do not need to ask what religion, Islam Muhammadiyah or NU, if NU is not served. It is not allowed. We must prioritize humanity, "Syamsul continued his explanation. After that, Syamsul remembered again at GKB IV 9th floor of Campus III UMM to Pharmacists to be able to carry the mandate of a Pharmacist well.

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Noffrendi said as Secretary-General of the Indonesian Pharmacists Association (IAI) Central Board that new graduates had to determine the profession to be cultivated immediately. "It had to start to be determined from now where you can be empowered wherever you are in the industry, services, regulations and so on because your choices must be right in order to be a good Pharmacist according to your abilities, "said Noffrendi.

Continued by Drs. Purwadi Apt., MM, ME as Chairman of the National Pharmacy Committee (KFN) who said that the new Pharmacists in front of him were expected to be willing to serve the regions. In Java, he said, there were too many qualified Pharmacists. "While in the area many people are confused about the drug information for the illness," he said in remarks.

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"Children who are from the area, you can back to your town. Serves for the hometown and students from Java (islands) who want to go to my town hope their parents allow, "said Purwadi. For the information, every year the Pharmacist Professional Program received hundreds of registrants. There were three types of tests that had to be passed. They were scientific tests, psychological tests and interview tests. (win)



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