Sentra HKI UMM Encourages Lecturers to Patent The Work

Author : Humas | Wednesday, January 31, 2018 13:46 WIB
The speaker was explaining the importance of lectures to continually work

University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) should be proud because it has a center institution of Scientific Wealth Law (HKI) and has patented many intellectual propertiessuch as copyright, brand, and patent certification.

Today, Wednesday (31/01) UMM Sentra Intellectual Property Center (HKI) held a workshop entitled "Mapping and Strengthening Intellectual Property of Social Affairs of Humanities and Engineering Excellence" at Auditorium of UMM Vice Rector I. The event was attended by young lecturers of Muhammadiyah universities from various regions such as Bengkulu, Sidoarjo, Ponorogo, and Tangerang

Chairman of the Central HKI UMM, Dr. Ir. Agus Zainudin, MP,explained that the purposesof this workshop areto provide understanding to the college teachers about the importance of copyright and encourage the lecturers to be more productive in producing the work.

"We have mapped out some potential patent rights. Thus, there will be many certified works of UMM lecturers, "explained Agus.

Since 2003 until 2017, Faculty of Animal Husbandry (FPP) UMM had been pocketingseven patent certificates. Meanwhile, the acquisition of copyright certificates from 2006 to 2017 had amounted to 159 from various study programs at UMM.

Prof. Dr. H. Ishomuddin, M.Si, the workshop speaker,explained that HKI is an integral part of an educator, especially lecturer.

"As a lecturer, it is very important to have a good work in the form of books, research, articles, visiting lectures, or writings published in the book," concluded the lecturer of Faculty of Islamic Religion (FAI) which has obtained 27 certificates of this copyright.

In the future, it is hoped that this kind of workshop can be held again to givethe importance of knowledge about copyright. (ard)



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