UMM FEB National Seminar: Discussed the Future of Fintech in Indonesia

Author : Humas | Thursday, December 05, 2019 10:50 WIB
Henry Wahyu. (Photo: Aan/PR)

In an era where everything was connected through the internet, all aspects of human life began to transform. It included the banking system. Henry Wahyu as Manager of East Java PT Finarya who developed financial technology (fintech) Link Aja said that although fintech had not spread all Indonesian citizens, its development was a necessity.

Delivered in the National Seminar (Semnas) "Preparing Banking Human Resources Adaptive to Financial Technology", Wednesday (12/4), Henry invited all Banking students to prepare themselves. The seminar, which was held by the Association of Indonesian Finance and Banking Department (ADIKPI) and the Indonesian Financial and Banking Student Association (HMKPI), focused on discussing the future of fintech.

"However a total of Indonesia population amount 150 million, only ten million people use fintech, but the development of fintech is so significant," Henry explained. Henry said that until now almost half of the total population of Indonesia did not have a credit card. But with easy access to the internet through smartphones, all of Indonesia's population could be approached gradually.

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In 2030, Indonesia would get a demographic bonus that was the number of people of productive age was higher than those that were not. At that time, it was estimated that the majority of Indonesia's population was technology literate. Then the development of fintech would be smoother. "Therefore you must be prepared from now on to welcome changes that will change the conventional banking system," Henry said.

On this occasion, the Vice-Rector III Dr. Sidiq Sunaryo invited the whole UMM academic community to begin to open up insights and join in the changing times. We had to go to the community to take part in bringing them to face an age that will never stop changing. "A lot of people are still unfamiliar with the changing times that are happening now," he said in speech. (win)



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