DPPM External Research Seminar of UMM

Author : Humas | Thursday, November 19, 2009

           Directorate of Research and Community Services/Direktorat Penelitian dan Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat (DPPM) University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) again held a Regional Seminar on the External Research Result of 2009. Located in the Hall of BAU, Friday-Saturday (10/23-24), about 150 researchers from various universities in Malang would present the results of external research from various disciplines.

           On the first day, there would be a speaker who would explore thoroughly the external research program that can be achieved by the researcher. In addition, the researchers would share strategies for preparing a research proposal.

 Presenting as speakers were Deputy Director for Research of DPPM of UMM, Dr Maftuchah, MP and Deputy Director of Community Services, Dr. Adi Susanto. They would reveal a new scheme for research and community service. Not only that, the annually event also presented UMM professor of Government Affairs, Prof. Dr. M. Mas'ud Said, who would explain strategy of writing proposal of National Strategic Research. There would be Dr. Jabar Tarikh who would share the tricks achieveing Postgraduate Grants.

Maftuchah said there were many researchers had successfully won a number of research programs such as a young lecturer/study of women, fundamental research, competitive grants, character grants, or other grants which are general and becoming target. However, there were no many researchers who know the research programs offered outside those programs.

           Furthermore, the lecturer of Agriculture exemplified the Partnership Collaborative Program of Agricultural Research with Higher Education/Program Kerjasama Kemitraan Penelitian pertanian dengan Perguruan Tinggi (KKP3T) would be explained by Ir Agus Zainudin, MP. Through the Agricultural Research and Development Agency, KKP3T tried to build and strengthen the network of partnerships between UK/UPT of scope of Agricultural Research and Development with universities, including researchers and teaching staffs to develop basic and applied science and technology in agriculture. The maximum funds that can be achieved are up to 150 million dollars.

           This year, DPPM took the theme "Strengthening National Competitiveness through Industry-Oriented Research and Community Services." This theme was considered important because so far all the researches done by lecturers sometimes came to published-level. However, it was rare that research was used commercially or industrially, whereas the results of the research being done also can be used to compete with researchers of other countries. Through this seminar, it was expected that researchers can better compete and improve the quality of research.

           The merger of LPM and Research Institute into DPPM made this annual event livelier. This time, DPPM managed to bring 150 researchers participated in the seminar. This amount was the most number compared to the previous years. Researchers from ITN, Unmer, Widyagama University, Ma-Chung University, Ikip Budi Utomo, Stiba Malang, STIE of Malang Kucecwara are ready to become participants and show the results of their research. (rka/t_alf)




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