Seminar of Communication Reminds the Blessing and Disaster of Social Media

Author : Humas | Wednesday, April 08, 2015 13:04 WIB

BE AWARE: From left (Nasrullah, MSi, Dra Sirikit Syah, MA, and moderator Widiya Yutanti, MA) delivered the material of guest lecture theme Social Media Literacy.

Social media is not only a blessing, but also a disaster. It revealed in seminar of Communication Department, University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) theme “Melek Media Sosial” Tuesday (8/4). Placed at theater UMM Dome, this guest lecturer was delivered by two experts in the field of literacy media; the Director of Consumer Media Watch Institution, Dra Sirikit Syah, MA and the activist of Media Literacy UMM, Nasrullah, MSi.

In the first opportunity, Sirikit exemplified the effect of the use of microblogging Twitter that imprpper in front of 400 students of communication. “Example, an Executive PR who tweeted about racist in Africa before check in to plane. After arriving to Africa, he already fired and reviled by million people due to that post,” she said.

According to her, the existence of social media already became public sphere or public space for free speech. “In earlier times public sphere is cafes or hangout place. The mass media is expected can take this public sphere. However, because of mass media had been closed or closed itself, take side, even full of setting agenda, so social media become public sphere in 21 century,” said Sirikit.  

She also warned, if the fourth pillar of democracy it is mass media or press cannot believe, not impossible will be formed the fifth pillar; it is mass media. According to her, the risk of social media is very danger. “We have to aware of social media, due to the characteristic is massive and public, susceptible to slander and defamation, also the content that already published difficult to revise,” she said. 

Similar with Sirikit, Nasrullah revealed new media or media social has its advantage than other media. “The content of this media social can be managed itself, but can be risk and disaster when private contents are shared to other people without your permit,” he said.

Social media can increase no one to be someone, but otherwise can destroy life of person. “Those are the two sides of currency, on one hand can be a blessing, on the other hand can be disaster. Those all are determined in our fingers,” said Nasrullah who also Head of PR UMM. 

Selfie ria : Setelah seminar berakhir pemateri menyempatkan diri untuk berfoto bersama para mahasiswa, (8/4).


Sirikit also warned student to be empowered consumer media. She also invited to form media watch organization in community, campus, etc. “In order to be empowered, we have to be able become media literacy by understanding media performance and the need of media, responding to media wisely, producing information and share experience also the benefit experience, also change excessive status to be inspiring status,” invited Sirikit.

The Head of Communication Department UMM, Sugeng Winarno said will always promote the spirit of media literacy. In his study program, media literacy is a central theme which is became research together or community service. “We have some vertices of media literacy in various schools, boarding school, and organization until Community Information Group. This seminar is also part of media literacy campaign for student community in order to aware in the use of media social,” he said.  (zul/nas/t_zuh)




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