There is Always the Interest of Political Economy Behind Conflict

Author : Humas | Monday, March 11, 2019 10:39 WIB
Hundreds of students listened to discussions about international conflict. (Photo: Special)

Senior Researcher from the Resilience Development Initiative Dr. Nino Viartasiwi mentioned war and conflicts that occur today were always created. It was said that the Doctor of International Relations from Ritsumeikan University of Kyoto, Japan, this practice aimed to perpetuate the interests of many actors, both multinational companies, military industries, countries, to political elites.

In the general lecture of the University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) International Relations (HIM) Department titled "International Conflict and the Interest of Political Economy", on Saturday (9/3), Nino discussed the hidden agenda and interests of various actors behind international conflicts. According to him, predatory elites were the ones who benefited the most in conflict situations.

Nino gave an example of how Papua became the arena of the struggle for the interests of many parties. "The mainstream narrative that has been built on Papua is the issue of separatism. But, actually behind the separatist issue, there are many bigger social problems that actually make predatory elites benefit," concluded the Director of Indonesian Pillar Research Data of Research and Consulting.

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Therefore, he emphasized that looking at Papua could not be from narratives and separatist glasses. Because it will make a problem that is far more important and far greater is ignored. "Separatism does exist and is important, but the existing social problems are far more complex if viewed more deeply, makes the separatist issue actually small. Therefore, we must look at the issue of Papua, beyond the issue of separatism," he added.

Furthermore, Nino emphasized the importance of views and narratives about Papua to be changed. During this time, in the new era, the approach taken was militaristic and it could not solve the problem. Since the reform era, the approach to Papua had begun to change. It was starting from the change in the name Irian Jaya to Papua and the enactment of special autonomy.

"Irian is the name most hated by them. And, the name Papua is what they most want," he said. However, he added, the issue of Papua must continue to be guarded and the actor who was seen as the most capable of building the narrative was a civil society. (Win)



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