The School of Cadre to Prepare the Fighters and Reformers Generation

Author : Humas | Saturday, May 06, 2017 12:33 WIB

AMONG the rapid development of science and technology and various issues arround it, Muhammadiyah's people are required to anticipate new things that could threat. This was conveyed by tarjih and tajdid deputy council of Muhammadiyah Regional Executive (PWM) East Java, Dr Agus Purwanto in his opening speech during Cadre’s School of Tarjih Muhammadiyah in Senate Meeting Room of University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) on Saturday, May 6. This annual event was the agenda of PWM congress mandate of East Java regional.

"Muhammadiyah, especially the tarjih council, which carries the reform movement should guard every problems that is happening in society. Not just a religious issues, but Muhammadiyah also should to be responsive to answer the problems that being faced by indonesian people, "said Agus who was also the Postgraduate Physics Lecturer at the Institute of Technology(ITS) Surabaya.

In addition, Agus also invited all muhammadiyah's people to unite an understanding about the struggle, which is being done. This school’s cadre of Tarjih Muhammadiyah, added Agus, as an effort to make it happen. "The endeavor that being undertaken by Muhammadiyah is not socialized well among muhammadiyah's people. For example, the initiation of Muhammadiyah to led the global calendar," he said.

Meanwhile, the UMM Vice Rector I Prof. Dr. Syamsul Arifin during a welcoming speech explained that the one of the challenges today was how to multiply and strengthen the cadres. The school’s cadre of  Tarjih Muhammadiyah considered more strategic and productive to realize these ideas. 

"This is related to UMM, which puts itself as a school of cadre," he said.
In this two days event, participants got 8 materials, including Astronomy for Hisab-Ru'yah, Determination of Qomariyah Month, Determination of Qomariyah Month Perspective of Islamic Organizations, Manhaj Tarjih and Ushul Fikih Study, and Religious Understanding According to Muhammadiyah in the first day. While on the second day, participants got an understanding of Manhaj Tarjih, Al Quran and Al Hadith Study in Muhammadiyah, and Istinbath Practice of Islamic Law. (Can / han /naz)


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