How Refreshing The White Campus is….

Author : Humas | Tuesday, September 05, 2017 10:35 WIB

FRESH: Gardens in campus area which become favorite places of students for studying, having discussion, or just relaxing (Photo: Rino Anugrawan)


New students of University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) are interested in the condition of UMM that is clean and fresh. UMM has a wide Open Green Space (RTH) such as gardens in the campus area.

Vice Rector II UMM Dr.Nazaruddin Malik MSi said that the parks are built in order to make all academic community feel comfortable when they are at the campus. “This is important to make students and all academic community feel comfortable because it can make them study harder and easier to be inspired”.

Nazarudin said that this is one of the efforts of UMM to be an education and tourism (eduwisata) campus. It is also supported by the uniqueness topography of UMM and the views of Panderman Mountain and Arjuno Montain surrounding the campus. “There is a beautiful lake in the middle of campus, and there are gazebos which become favorite places for students to study or just to take a rest”.

Specifically, Head of General Administration Bureau (BAU) UMM Dr Ir Sunarto MT explained that the gardens management program at UMM is also a follow up of government suggestion about university building. The government emphasized that the land area for buildings up to 60 percent while the remaining 40 percent should be RTH includes gardens and roads.

"Interestingly, UMM surpasses that. UMM has 16 hectares land area and only 40 percent used for building while the 60 percent used for RTH”

In the future, all parks at UMM will have different theme. For instance, in the middle areas which are Helipad UMM and Joining Building (GKB 1) will have colorful theme gardens and the words “Love UMM”.  Sunarto continued, “Those words are the hallmark of this campus in recent years, so the concept should be applied in gardens”.

The existence of these gardens is positively responded by many people, including new students, one of them is a student from Nganjuk, Rifatul Khoiriyah. Rifatul said that she is happy to see the campus environment will be very supportive of her studies. "Here, the environment is cool and dense, so there are many options to learn besides in the classroom,". (lus)



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