The Only Full Women Team, UMM Srikandi Becomes the Winner of the Best Aesthetic Design at KMHE 2018 Event

Author : Humas | Wednesday, December 05, 2018 10:17 WIB

WHO says the work of assembling a car is just a man's skill? The Srikandi Team of University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) actually broke the stereotype. The proof, at the 2018 Energy-Saving Car Contest (KMHE) at Padang State University, urban concept cars Srikandi Team UMM won the award with the best design and aesthetic categories.

The Srikandi Team with the Hrusangkali Evo 01 vehicle that descended on Gasoline Motor Combustion (MPD) class, from the beginning had become the center of attention of the participants and the jury team. Srikandi Team UMM Mechanical Engineering Department, supervised by Heni Hendaryati, deliberately came to MPD class to show that women could design vehicles and modify the engine to be more efficient or economical.

Not less cool, the team led by Intan Maharani made the other team amazed because when scruttering, this team showed that the work usually done by men can also be done by women. Starting to lift the completeness of the car, engine performance settings, grinding, drilling even the testing brakes, the vehicle is lifted and driven by themselves.

"Because the team members are all women, it becomes an attraction. When the Srikandi Team goes out to the scrutt or race, the Team is always greeted with excitement. "The other teams became less attractive to participants and visitors who came to the competition," said Intan, telling the story of her experience following the annual event organized by the Ministry of Research and Technology Republic of Indonesia.

The Srikandi Team was formed on the idea of ​​the Secretary of Mechanical Engineering Department, Iis Siti Aisyah, Ph.D. to facilitate and channel the abilities of UMM Mechanical Engineering Department students who have academic achievements above the average male student. "So, to balance the motoric or skills of the‘ Srikandi ’, one of them must be honed through the Energy-Saving Car Contest," explained Iis.

Therefore, welcoming this prestigious event, the Mechanical Engineering Department of Faculty of Engineering UMM from the beginning prepared members of the team and mentors who were all female members. "It turned out that the Srikandi Team had talents and were ready to compete as evidenced by the best design-aesthetic designation. This achievement shows that women can also be, "concluded Iis.

In addition to the Srikandi Team who posted their achievements, UMM Medical Team also won the 1st Place in the Urban Electric Category. The team that relied on Genetro Suryo U.E.V 06 vehicles excelled with the best results, 335.09 km / kwh. That result broke the record ever achieved by Asia and the world. Where in the same competition the results of 1st place for Urban Electricity KMHE 2017 only reached 154.435 km / kwh. (ard)

team members are taking picture with Hrusangkali Evo 0.1 vehicle before competing. (Photo by: Special)


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