The only Representative of Private University, UMM Targeted the Defending Champion in KJI and KBGI Jakarta

Author : Humas | Friday, October 25, 2019 15:20 WIB
Surya Team poses together to welcome KJI and KBGI XI 2019 at the Jakarta State Polytechnic. (Photo: Yasmin / PR)

After winning in the Event of the Indonesian Bridge Competition (KJI) and the Indonesian Building Competition (KBGI) at Ujung Pandang State Polytechnic in 2018, with each winning 1st and 3rd place, Surya Team of the University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) was ready to show off and target the dominance of victory in KJI and KBGI XI 2019 at the Jakarta State Polytechnic.

The scramble for the Reka Cipta Griya Indonesia Cup from the Directorate General of Learning and Student Affairs of the Ministry of Research and Technology Republic of Indonesia this year would be running quite competitive. Four teams under the guidance of Ir. Moh. Abdul, ST., MT., IPM as the coach managed to qualify in the final top 10 defeated other University (PT) rivals throughout Indonesia. UMM was the only representative of a private university.

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The four teams were Gajendra, Maheswara Team, Great Apollo, and Dandelion Diamond, whose proposals successfully passed the competition with 50 other proposals. Ten finalists would present their proposals in Jakarta. "Only UMM has become a private campus that has successfully passed, along with state universities such as ITS, ITB, UB, Bandung State Polytechnic, UI and other PTNs in Indonesia," Abdul added.

"This activity is very proud of the Rector. It is also a good opportunity to make achievements again and be able to bridge the knowledge gained with the academic concentration that you are really taking. In this event, you can also establish your good name as finalists and faculty of engineering, "said Dr. Ir. Samin, MT. as Vice Dean I of the Faculty of Engineering of UMM in his speech before the finalists.

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In 2014, UMM was the host of the 10th KJI and 6th KBGI. Since it was first held, both of them had always been held at the state campus. UMM became the first host of private universities (PTS). In that event, not just being a host, UMM succeeded to defeat the dominance of the victory of state universities such as ITS, ITB, and other state universities.

The finalists also displayed a miniature bridge and building realization model for each team so students could see first-hand how the team's preparation process was. It started from cutting materials, installation of ornaments, finishing with load testing, tested with a shake and so on, so that later in the presentation in Jakarta already know the resistance to miniature. (win)



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