The only one Representative from Private University, Luthfin studied the Animal Husbandry Industry to Australia

Author : Humas | Monday, August 12, 2019 10:24 WIB
Luthfin ‘Abidah Student of UMM Animal Husbandry Study Program 2016 (Photo: Special)

Twenty Indonesian students from 14 State Universities (PTN) and 1 Private University (PTS), were selected to participate in the NTCA Indonesia Australia Pastoral Program (NIAPP) 2019 in Australia. Selected students had the opportunity to study the livestock industry in Australia.

One of them was a student of UMM Animal Husbandry Study Program 2016, Luthfin ‘Abidah, who was the only student from PTS (Private University) who passed a selection test for the NIAPP 2019 program. Consists of administrative selection, written tests on the knowledge of the Indonesian and Australian beef cattle industries and physical tests.

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Luthfin admitted to being very grateful and proud can be chosen as one of the 20 selected participants. Moreover, the competitors were students from prestigious universities in Indonesia, such as Gadjah Mada University, Brawijaya University, Bogor Agricultural Institute, Padjadjaran University and others.

"In addition to physical tests, we also have to present and interview in front of professors as well as lecturers in the beef cattle industry and NIAPP 2018 alumni. In the final selection, presentations and interviews with NTCA representatives from Australia, PD 3 FAPET UB, ISPI, and NIAPP 2018 alumni, "Said a student from Ponorogo, East Java

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After being graduated, Luthfin and 19 other participants had to take pre-departure training first. The training will be held in Cianjur, West Java on 12-16 August 2019. In this session, participants were provided about livestock control, animal welfare, to the history of the NIAPP program.

Furthermore, Lutfin will also be at the Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture to carry out the release ceremony by the Director General of Animal Husbandry. Luthfin's journey in Australia will last for 10 weeks containing training and internships in the Northern Territory, Australia starting from 25 August to 31 October 2019.

As it turned out, Luthfin's decision to go to Australia had to leave other opportunities. "Actually, I was a bit of a dilemma when I got accepted by NIAPP because three weeks earlier I was declared to have passed the TF Scale (Temasek Foundation Specialists' Community Action and Leadership Exchange) to Singapore, "she said.

"TF Scale is my dream since the second semester and the NIAPP program is also my dream since the third semester. Finally, after I thought carefully, NIAPP will give me a lot of knowledge about animal husbandry and international scale experience, so I decided to resign from the TF Scale, "she said Saturday (10/8).

Luckily, Luthfin received the full funding of this program. NTCA, the Australian government and the Indonesia-Australia Red Meat and Cattle Partnership will finance all activities since the departure from Bali to Darwin, Australia and ten-week accommodation in Australia.

Luthfin hoped that his journey from selection to completion of the NIAPP 2019 program could inspire all parties especially students of UMM breeders so that they could continue to take part in the world of animal husbandry up to an international scale. "There is no wasted effort, shake the sky with prayers," She said. (Win)



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