The Perfectionist, The Best Graduates

Author : Humas | Friday, February 27, 2015 11:09 WIB

Confessing has perfectionist character, Ulin Nafi’ah (21) achieved as the best graduate UMM. In 75th graduation period I 2015 which is held today (28/2), the graduate from Department of Government Science reached GPA 3,98.

The second daughter from couple Ismanto and Cholillah from Blitar since the beginning committed that whatever must work perfectly and appropriate with the time to be targeted, included her study. “My thesis must finish quickly because want to enter into community as soon as possible,” said Ulin who want to be researcher and Human Right activist.   

Ulin holds motto “migunani tumraping liyan”. Her mother teaching was very strong, for her time must be used as well as for others. Therefore, while doing her thesis he works as part time worker in her department office.

“My mother is very democratic, which kept me being spirit and free to do everything as long as I can be responsible. It is made me believe mother prayer has great power,” said Ulin about her mother behind her success of the study.

Besides being active in various campus organizations, in 2013 Ulin participated the program of visiting student at Malaysia for presentation to greet Asean Community.  In that time Ulin won the predicate of best presenter. “I am a person who can multi-tasking while working I can study and finish a target, and must be the best,” he admitted.  (sel/nas/t_zuh)



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