Welcoming Ramadan, Increasing Faith

Author : Humas | Thursday, August 26, 2010 14:56 WIB


Dr. Haedar Nashir delivers material in Jelang Ramadhan Activity.
     Ramadan (fasting month) 1431 H activities at UMM begun with the pengajian (Islamic study in the form of speech) with Dr. Haedar Nasir M.Si, followed by the entire academic community, Saturday (31/7) in the Mosque AR. Fachrudin. Ustadz Haedar conveyed that PTM should align with the academic atmosphere of Islamic knowledge. "This momentum can also strengthen silaturahmi (hospitality) of the entire academic community and improve the social charities in the community," Haedar explained.
     There are many Ramadan activities at UMM, such as: tadarus (reciting Qur’an) every Saturday night, pengajian and i'tikaf (staying in the mosque) in the 25th night of Ramadan, the Ramadan dialogue in the faculty and work units, and other similar activities. Beside there are social service (distributing staple food) and health services in three PRM in Malang Raya, there is also policy for academic service to have break time during Ramadan from 11:30 to 12:30 which is used to pray Dhuhr together and to listen to kultum (brief speech of religious matter) in the mosque of the campus.

Haedar further explained, people are often busy with their tactical routines, followed by technical skills which are relied on the rational and intellectual aspects. "It’s been happened like that for very long time, so that there are some scattered parts, those are potencies related to meta-rational. Man is like a robot. He,is very extraordinary when it comes to doing technical things, but there is something died that is the dimension of taste or conscience. It is already a characteristic of modern society. "
     Ramadan becomes one of the momentums to carry the spiritual sublimation, sport for soul in annual duration. "Ramadan is the wasila of spiritual enlightenment. We should have already taken this one year ma'rifat," said Haedar encouraging. Haedar said, through fasting, we can control ourselves. Our self-awareness is also needed to be watered and maintained. "Like the tree, the more it is getting higher, the faster the wind blows. So do humans. The higher the mobility the higher the temptations, " he added.
     "It is especially related to difficulty in fulfilling sense of satisfaction. Insyallah (If God permits), if we welcome Ramadan with humility, it will bring meaning and benefit to purification of our hearts," he closed his speech with wisdom. rwp/jss/t_alf


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