Welcoming Ramadhan, UMM PBSI Students Renovating a Village

Author : Humas | Tuesday, May 07, 2019 12:50 WIB
The handover of praying equipment from PBSI UMM. (Photo: Special)

Recently University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) Indonesian Language and Literature Education (PBSI) Department (Prodi) did a social service (Baksos) at Kedungsalam Village, Donomulyo Sub-district, Malang District. An agenda with theme “Dedication for the Country” was packed in a form of village renovation. This three days agenda involved hundreds of students, start from 26-28 April.  

This social service divided in to several areas such as education, health, religion, social and environment. One of them is the Indonesian Language and Literature (Sasindo) teaching program, which introduce the profession to the elementary students. There are Sasindo Storytelling, teacher professionalism training, batik training, groceries donation, mushola cleaning, until movie screening by UMM Mobile Cinema (Bioling).

Especially, this activity presented to welcome Ramadhan month 1440 Hijriyah and National Education Day. One of the programs in the area of religion is Mosque Cleaning program. Its’ including the Mushola’s wall painting, tadarus together (Reciting Qur’an together), Donation, prayer equipment, and al-Qur’an handover. Various groups took their parts in the activity, such as college students, mushola caretakers, and local people.

The Mushola Cleaning took place in 4 different hamlets in Kedung Salam Village. Those are Musholla Baitul Rohim Ngliyep Hamlet, Musholla Manarul 'Ilmi Krajan Hamlet, Musholla Jabal Nur Salamrejo Hamlet, ”Also Musholla Al azhar and Musholla An-Nur that located in Sumbersih Hamlet,” said Fida Pengesti S.Pd., M.A. one of the lecturer of PBSI, as the chairman of the committee while asked on the event (26/4).

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Cleaning and Painting Musholla Program was started from Saturday morning until noon. After that, the agenda followed by Reciting Qur’an Together until 15.30 WIB. The agenda was closed with the handover of donation, prayer equipment, and al-Qur’an. “Not just that, Social division also gives a sembako donation that taking place on the Kedungsalam Village Meeting Hall with the widow, elderly, and diffable as the focus,” she said.

 “We wish that this welcoming ramadhan activity can be a routine agenda of UMM PBSI Department. So that the two main aim of social service, which is college students character building and giving real contributions towards society can be achieved. It is certain that the social service location will be developed so that the society can obtain more benefits from this activity,” said Fida. (joh)



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