Visiting Boarding School in Dau, KaCa Car Team Teach The Satri Public Speaking

Author : Humas | Monday, September 23, 2019 12:17 WIB
The learning activity with KaCa Car instructor. (Photo: Ridho/PR UMM)

Thursday, the third week of SeptemberDau Districtwere visited by the Thursday Reading Car (KaCa) University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM). In collaboration with the Social Welfare(Kesos) Study Practicum, KaCa Car brings two programs for students at Roudlotun Nashichin Islamic Boarding School (20/9). The two programs are Public Speaking and English for Young Learners (EYL).

When they arrived, KaCa Car was immediately surrounded by students. Their readingenthusiasmcan be seenthrough theirfaces. "The book collections here were too old, so we invitedKaCa cars," explained Rigida Firodian The Head of Social Welfare Practicum Group2019. There weretwo classes that presented byKaCa car this time. The students were divided into two classes namely Public Speaking class and EYL Class.

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In the Public Speaking class, the students taught to be brave to share their experiences and knowledge. Efan and Jufenwere the brave two in the class. This third-grade students of the elementary school gave theirspeech interspersed with neat selawat and rhyme. There are also those who dare to sing and dance at the same time. "Smart and brave," said Mirza Bareza, The Public Speaking Speaker of the KaCa Car.

In addition to speaking in front of the class, Public Speaking class participants werealso taught to consume internet content which appropriateswith their age. Considering the internet nowadaysdoes not recognize the time and space that is accessible 24 hours non-stop.

While in the EYL class, guided by Winarno Adiyanto, students were invited to memorize English vocabulary. Then will be given the arrangement of letters and asked to arrange it in a perfectform.

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The students came from children of local residents who were in kindergarten to junior high school. The routine activity is to study the Qur'an after Ashar until maghrib. The teaching class was various according to the level of ability that has been completed starting from iqro’ until Al-Qur’an.

The students of the 2019 Social Welfare Practicum UMM had also served for a full month at the Roudlotun Nashichin Islamic Boarding School. "One month commuting from the boarding house to the location," said Rigida. But, she continued, all sweat was paid offwith the smiles and cheerfulness of the students who warmly welcomed every arrival of practicum students. (joh)



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