UMM Thailand Students Invite the Sumber Pucung Students to Taste Tom Yam

Author : Humas | Monday, February 10, 2020 11:05 WIB
The Thailand students share the Tom Yam to the students. (Photo: Special)

"I am very happy to be able to meet the sisters from Thailand. I can also try Thai Tom Yam that tastes a little strange, but still tasty," said Alif Syahputra Imanuar, the 6th grade student at SDN Jatiguwi III, Jatiguwi Village, Sumber Pucung, Malang Regency after asked to tastethe famous traditional Thai food, Tom Yam.

Mohammad Debi Ardiansyah also said, "It's nice to get to know with beautiful sisters from Thailand. The taste of Tom Yam's food is a little sour and spicy but it's delicious! Nice!" said this 5th grade students. Two students from Thailand Nafeesa Jehlae and Nur-ashireen Mahama were the ones who introduced the distinctive spicy-flavored culinary.

These two Thai girls were from the Indonesian Language and Literature Education Department and the English Language Education Department, were intentionally presented by the 10th Group of Community Service Program (KKN) of the University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) on Thursday (6/2) to introduce Thai culture, language and food to the students.

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"The presence of Thai students here are to increase students insights about Asian culture. In the modern era like this,it is necessary to develop insight on the outside world. The children looked very enthusiastic to welcome the Thailand sisters," said Rizky Yuliana as the Chairperson of the Education and Religion Division of KKN 10 UMM.

Not just introducing culinary, Feesa and Shireen also introduced several greeting words and their usage. Not to forget, both of them also introduced Thai script. Not a few students who commented that there are similarities between Thai and Javanese script.

The students reading the UMM KaCa Car books collections. (Photo: Special)

The agenda which was cooperated with the Thursday Reading Car (KaCa Car) of UMM also opened a reading booth in the school field. Rizky said that the invitation for UMM KaCa Car was to raise awareness about the importance of literacy. "We invited KaCa UMM Car because there was not enough library in this elementary school. Even though reading is one of the important things to do in the learning procession," he said.

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Creative learning experiences are provided with the help of UMM KKN 10 students so that children willnot get bored easily. "We are very pleased with the help of students to teach here. An agenda that provides creative learning experiences for children and brings KaCa Cars to introduce the beauty of the library as well as learn while playing," explained Sumaiyah,the Principal of SDN Jatiguwi III when interviewed.

Syahrin Rachmayannia Pertiwi, as the coordinator of the KaCa Car UMM explained that the background of the KaCa Car was to visit places and anyone to pursue them to read and to show that reading is not boring. "Not only waiting for them to come to read, but to come to them so they want to read," explained Syahrin. (joh)



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