RS UMM Opens Pain Care Clinic

Author : Humas | Friday, April 17, 2015 16:52 WIB

Medication: Participants of workshop pain management try C-ARM to recognize nerve pain location within body, Friday (17/5).

Continuous pain due to particular disease will no longer become stressful. It has been confirmed after pain care method massively developed and learned by many specialist doctors. In Malang, especially in Hospital of Muhammadiyah University (RSUMM) will soon open pain care clinic facilitated by numerous sophisticated medical aids.   

Director of RS UMM, Prof. Dr. dr. Djoni Djunaedi, SpPD., KPTI, explained in next month the clinic would be publicly opened soon after expert doctors and aids were available. Currently, RS UMM has owned Ultrasonography (USG) and x-ray named C-Arm, the most updated aid. Each aid costs 1.5 billion rupiahs and could recognize the exact pain location.    

InsyaAllah the clinic can also serve BPJS patients as other clinics,” said Djoni. As the meet of nation devotion, RS UMM will hold a workshop of pain management held during three days starting from Friday to Sunday (17-19/4). The workshop will be participated by 40 specialist doctors throughout Indonesia from various studies, such as: nerve specialist, bone specialist, anesthesia specialist, and internal medicine specialist. They come from various districts: Jakarta, Sorong, and other districts in East Java.

According to Chief Committee dr. Abi Noerwahjono, Sp.An, this study (pain management, red) is considered new in Indonesia in spite of longstanding. During this time, pain due to certain disease has been mostly treated by drug medication, for example patient of cancer disease sentenced lasting for no more than 6 months will have to choose two options either restrain hopelessly pain or take drug medication to decrease the pain.   

“By this method application, such hopelessly pain could be gone and patient hence possibly lives a normal life,” said Abi, one of specialist doctor in RS UMM.

Adding, in other countries, assurance will never pay for either drug medication or operation. Technically, he continued, medication process would be done by burning a nerve surface connected to the pain. “By using low-dose laser, this nerve will be burned and thereby the pain will be gone,” he said.

Previously, RS UMM has ever held the same workshop on last October 8th, 2014. 

Dr Abi Noerwahjono, Sp.An, anasthesia spesialis doctor in RS UMM.

Moreover, this workshop will be gradually held three times a year. “For now, it remains in basic level. For next four months, it concerns on intermediate. The advance one, will be held in another next four months,” added him.


Abi hoped by curing patient’s pain, especially for those with chronic condition, this medication method could help them to devoutly pray without enduring their pain. “Several chronic cancers surely lead to extreme pain. Despite the fact that there is still possible pain after this medication, at least it has decreased that pain,” he ended. (zul/nas/t_stu)



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