UMM Hospital Trains Nurse to Overcome Acute Coronary Syndrome

Author : Humas | Monday, October 03, 2016 10:21 WIB
Cardiologist of UMM Hospital Dr. Andi Wahjono Adi SpJP conveyed about Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS) in front of 70 nurses. Photo: Distya / PR UMM.

INDONESIAN National Nurses Association (PPNI) commissariat of Hospital of University of Muhammadiyah Malang (RS UMM) held seminar and workshop about nursing of Syndrome Coronary Acute (SKA), Sunday (2/10) at Jawa Timur Park I Human Body Museum  Malang. This agenda followed by 70 nurses of within East Java to educate the importance of heart as tool of human respiration, especially handling of acute coronary syndrome.

According to Cardiologist of UMM Hospital dr Andi Wahjono Adi SpJp, the desease of SKA was the one of vascular disease due to blockage and  reduction of oxygen supply suddenly. According to Andi its solution by inserting catheter into blood vessels.

Andi Explained the cause of  blocked blood vessels caused of smoking, hypertension or family descent. “Usually, ther first symptom which may caused the death was  angin duduk  in ordinary people term. He said. The solution not scraping therapy but Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (PCI) by inserting stent into body without surgery.

The other things that had been conveyed on the agenda namely the implementation of role of nurses in door to ballon delivered by RS UMM Commissariat of PPNI Chief Teguh Santoso AMdKep. Teguh explained how nurses have a role in surgery so the surgical errors could be minimized. According to him the role of nurse very vital in PCI to prevent and to detect potential of complication early, to educate patients and family and  rehabilitation. “Patient history and previous surgery history should be noticed by nurses before doing PCI,” The nurse of laboratory catheter said.

After seminar the participants were invited to visit heart museum to see a lively the implementation of catheter insertation. Currently, in Malang the catheter insertation could only be done at both hospitals Saiful Anwar Regional Public Hospital and UMM Hospital.

According to Chief of Seminar, Fandy Dharmawan SKep Ns that in Great Malang only five nurses which specifically in mastering Laboratory Catheter. “Two of the fives nurses were in UMM Hospital.” He explained.

Fandy Hoped through the seminar the nurses have deep understanding about the handling of acute coronery syndrome. “Currently heart disease attacked not only the old  but the young potentially suffered by heart disease”. He ended (jal/han)  



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