UMM Hospital Participates in Disaster Simulation

Author : Humas | Saturday, January 30, 2016 13:45 WIB
RSUMM medical team is helping the patient in accident simulation at RSI Aisyiah (30/1)

MUHAMMADIYAH Disaster Management Center (MDMC) held a hospital disaster management along with Aisyiyah Islamic Hospital on Saturday, December 30. The participants of this simulation are UMM Hospital and the other stakeholders, namely Disaster Risk Reduction Forum (FPRB) Kelurahan Kasin, Regional Disaster Management Board (BPBD) of Malang City, Navy Base (Lanal) Malang, Police Department, Health Ministry and Fire Department of Malang City.

UMM Hospital Vice Director, dr. Thontowi Djauhari, M.Kes, said that UMM Hospital will help by giving an ambulance, two nurses and students medical team in this simulation. “This simulation is neccessary so there will be communications between hospitals when the disaster happens,” he asserted. Thontowi also said that besides the cooperation between hospitals, this simulation is to synergize the people, government and those involved stakeholders in order to help each others.

In line with Thontowi, H. Budi Setiawan, the Head of Muhammadiyah MDMC, explained that this simulation is the realization of the Preparedness and Community Readiness for Emergency and Disaster (HPCRED) program. “We want to test the documents of Hospital Disaster Management Plan (RKB RS) and Community Action Plan (RAK) FPRB Kelurahan Kasin so the RPBS document which was tested and comprehended by both internal and external stakeholders of RSI Aisyiyah will be successfully created,” he asserted.

Meanwhile, Charless T. Pellham, the representative Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) Australia said that Indonesia is one of countries which has high risk disaster. “We hope that we could improve our good relationship along with this cooperation,” Charless asserted.

Ir. Medi Herlianto, the Head of BNBP, said the same thing. He said that Java island has the highest disaster index. “All areas in Java has the same disaster potential. That’s why this simulation is neccessary in order to reduce that risk of disaster,” he asserted.
A patient of RSI Aisyiah is having evacuated by medics



RSI Aisyiyah was having a simulation of suffering a fire in the third floor at WIB 10 am. The hospital then evacuated their patients who reside in the second and third floor to the first floor.  The patients of fourth, fifth and sixth floor were, then, evacuated to seventh floor, the highest floor of RSI. There were another simulation besides a fire, namely simulation of an accident which was needed to get a treatment in Emergency Department (IGD).

After finishing the simulations, the representatives of Ministry of Heath’s (Kemenkes) Health Crisis Control, Pusdiklat BNPB and some PP Muhammadiyah MDMC partners would evaluate this event. (zul/han/t_rfd)



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