The Roof Top of Hotel Kapal UMM will be the Working Space of the Start Up

Author : Humas | Wednesday, May 29, 2019 09:40 WIB
Hotel Kapal UMM from air monitoring. (Picture: Rino/PR)

University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) re-launched its new business unit. This time the facility that was inaugurated was a cafe above the Hotel Kapal UMM called the Roof Top Resto and Caffee. UMM Rector, Fauzan, claimed the new cafe was different because it would be a working space for beginner businessmen.

This was delivered by the Rector when giving a speech in the Gathering and breaking the fast with Malang education journalists on Tuesday (05/28/2019). "Students, alumni and the general public can use this facility to negotiate, work and productive lobbies until the business is dealt with," he said.

The concept of working space was also justified by the Vice Rector II, Nazarudin Malik. According to him, this place has a good atmosphere but luxurious. In addition, the location at the height of the hotel made the view beautiful overlooking the city of Batu, Karangploso and campus III UMM. "We haven't given any names to this café. For a while, we named Roof Top Resto and Caffee," Nazar said.

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The business became one of UMM focuses. Through acculturation of entrepreneurship, both lecturers and students are challenged to answer opportunities to develop productive businesses. Entrepreneurship was not only a curriculum in the classroom but had also been implemented in the form of business units involving students.


The atmosphere of  Roof Top Cafe and Resto Hotel Kapal UMM. (Picture: Rino/PR)

For that, the Rector continued, his party had prepared a new facility in the form of a Vocational Program. This time, UMM had taken ownership of a factory and office in the Karangploso area of ​​11 hectares. "God willing, next year we have opened several vocational programs to create experts who are ready to work," added the Rector.

The presence of Top Roof became a new icon of UMM business units after last month the Hotel Kapal was inaugurated by Vice President M Jusuf Kalla. This hotel is a Sengkaling Garden office development which has the shape like a cruise ship. Inside, there are 48 room facilities and hundreds of luxury dormitory beds.

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"This has exceeded the facilities of a four-star hotel because it has many swimming pools," the Rector said jokingly. Because, the Kapal hotel integrated with the Sengkaling Park location which has several swimming pools, ranging from children to adults.

Meanwhile, UMM Inn hotels were currently under renovation. The Hotel became legendary and historic because it became lodging for the Muhammadiyah Congress 2015 which was now built up to 150 rooms, equipped with swimming pools. "This hotel will be a destination for the community and university guests. Meanwhile, for foreign students and parents, new facilities were also prepared like the dormitory in the form of modern container designs, "explained the Rector.

The breaking the fast event was attended by Vice Rector I, Syamsul Arifin and Vice Rector III Sidik Sunaryo. In addition, there were also structural officials from the faculty to the university. Dozens of journalists who had been working partners of UMM enjoy European and Javanese dishes which were reportedly going to be the mainstay menu of the cafe besides coffee.

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The Head of UMM Public Relations, Joko Susilo, explained that this gathering was a routine activity that had been going on for ten years. But every year, the university gave a different touch. Like this year, besides inaugurating of the Roof Top, there was also an event to fish in the Sengkaling Garden fishing pond. Reporters who took part in this event could bring home the fish from the fishing pole. "This is one of our ways to get closer to the media as well as get out of work routines," concluded Joko. (Win)



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