UMM DOME Robot Became the Fastest in Regional IV KRI

Author : Humas | Friday, April 26, 2019 11:19 WIB
Happy after receiving the victory trophy. (Photo: Special)

The "DOME" fire extinguisher robot from University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) became the fastest in the Regional IV Indonesian Robot Competition (KRI) on April 21-23 2019 at the University of Mataram. The team initiated by Bayu Irawan Nugroho and Dwi Nur Fajar succeeded to defeat the toughest competitor; Universitas Brawijaya (UB) ranked second, and Ten November University of Technology (ITS) was third.

The appointment of the UMM Robotic Team as the first winner of this prestigious robot contest between universities in Indonesia was after the Robot DOME UMM record its fastest accumulated time value which was 1.16 in the first session; 1.24 in the second session; and 1.11 in the third session, with a final score of 3.51. Meanwhile, the Bhatara Wijaya Robot UB recorded its final value at 4.69 and the ITS Abnara-1 Robot recorded the final value at 6.57.

"DOME" UMM fire fighting robot as the best team in this Regional IV robot contest will be invited to participate in the National level robot contest. If it got a good achievement which was as the first winner of the National Fire Extinguisher KRI category, UMM will represent Indonesia at the Trinity College International Robot Contest 2020 in Hartford, Connecticut, United States.

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The UMM "DOME" robot also received team achievements with the Best Strategy. The team leader, Bayu Irawan, admitted that the strength of his team was the mapping of the track from the starting point to the hotspot. "Our mapping strategy is not long-winded. From start directly to the fire point and back to start again. While the other team must check into the empty room first, "he said when contacted on Thursday (25/4).

Previously, the UMM Robotic Team had gotten a great achievement at the Trinity College Fire Fighting Home Robot Contest (TCFFHRC) at Trinity College Hartford Connecticut, United States, last April 13-15 2019. The three proud teams of UMM and Indonesia won the first and second place for the legged fire fighting robot category, and second place for the wheeled fire fighting robot category.

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This world-level robot contest competed for 32 teams from various countries, such as Israel, China and others. It was Alfan Achmadillah Fauzi, Rohmansyah, Ken Dedes Maria Khunty, the three UMM Robotic Teams which were appointed as representatives of Indonesia because they succeeded to get out as national champions based on the assignment letter of Directorate General of Belmawa Kemenristekdikti Republic of Indonesia no. T / 274 / B3.1 / KM / 02.04 / 2019.

This achievement in America repeated the same history of achievement in 2017. Two UMM robotic teams bought 1st and 2nd place winners as well as for the legged robot category. The two teams were the InaMuh team as the first winner and the Unmuh Malang team as the second winner. The InaMuh team also won the best poster champion. For this experience, the UMM "DOME" Robot Team was very confident to continue the tradition of its champion. (Win)



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