UMM Mechatronic Team Roadshow Before Malaysia Competition

Author : Humas | Monday, April 01, 2019 12:18 WIB
UMM Mechatronic Team took a photo with students. (Photo: Special)

University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) Mechatronic Team held an energy saving car socialization in Vocational High School (SMK) 1 Singosari, Friday (29/3). In order to attend an Off-Track Awards Shell Eco Marathon Asia (SEM Asia) 2019 of Communication Award category. Off-Track Awards is an extra appreciation from Eco Marathon Challenge. The purpose is to introduce the team before the competition.

Moreover, This Electric Car Team who will compete in this Asian prestigious event aim to familiarize their own-made energy saving car with the engineering SMK students, mechanical Engineering is the main focus. “The energy saving and efficiency problem, need to be emphasized practically to the students since an early stage,” said one of the members of Mechatronic Team, Dwi Puji to the students.  

While socializing, the students were very enthusiastic in learning on how the Mekatronic Team car was assembled and won several national and international events. “Car aerodynamics were reformed to meet the minimum coefficient drag. Then, the body material was formed to be rigid so that it can speed up the car,” said one the member of Mechatronic team to the students.

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In Malaysia competition next April, Dwi CS will compete using as little energy as possible in passing a long track. This car is relying on BLDC Motor 400 Watt machine with a carbon fiber shell and aluminum chassis. While the tire rim size is 17 inch and a basic 1250 millimeter wheel. The total weight of the car is 80 kilogram.

In the future, there are three more schools that going to be visited and will be motivated by Mechatronic Team. According to Dwi, this socialization may truly raise up the student's spirit in saving the energy through every work they made. “I wish this will be our spirit in conquering Sepang Circuit, Malaysia later,” said Dwi. (joh)



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