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CEO of Kaskus, Ken Dean Lawadinata (second from left) along with the actor Albert Halim (right), the director of "Sundul Gan" Naya Anindita (second from right), and Acil Harahap (left) in Meet and Greet with UMM students, Monday (23/5). Photo: Muhammad Zulfikar Akbar

KASKUS (The largest Indosian online community) held the ‘Sundul Gan: The Story of Kaskus’ film roadshow in the Theatre Room of University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) Dome on Monday (23/5). The film, which will be released concurrently by all theatres in Indonesia on June 2 2016, is about the struggle and success of the Kaskus founder of being technopreneurs.

The roadshow, which was also held as the celebration of 30th anniversary of UMM Communication Science Department, had Naya Anindita, the director of the film, Ken Dean Lawadinata, CEO of Kaskus, and Albert Halim, one of the the film characters, as guests.

In the workshop session attended by hundreds of students, Naya Anindita informed that this film tells about the struggle of Andrew Darwis and Ken Dean Lawadinata in developing the largest online forum in Indonesia. “I want to depict all the process they have been through in developing their company to success, along with their enthralling personalities,” she explained.

Naya noticed Ken and Andrew as interesting figures. She convinced that their personalities as the Kaskus developers can be something motivational for university students. “They are not different from common university students - lazy to attend classes, even asked their friends to make their false attendance. Ken did not finsh his study. However, behind these stories, they developed something that is outstanding today,” she said.

Meanwhile, Ken stated that the current more and more sophisticated development of technology opens the chance for anyone who wants to be technopreneur. “It’s a pity if we don’t take this big opportunity. It only takes dilligence and trust on process to begin,” he said.

He recalled the story when Kaskus first established. That momment he believed that the product made by Andrew has potential to develop. “Despite the fact that only few people used internet back then, I convinced that what Andrew invented will be useful for people someday, and it is proven today,” he stated.

The Head of Communication Science  Department Sugeng Winarno argued that these Kaskus developers have accomplished something that seems impossible to realize. He expected that this roadshow can inspire students in developing their works. “Kaskus changes something virtual into reality, in which can be a good point as motivation,” he argued.

In the same time, this anniversary themed “Tiga Dekade, Tiga Dedikasi” (Three Decades, Three Dedication) was also enlivened by the Social Media Festival held by Communication Science Laboratory in front of Student Center (SC) building. There were 157 works of Communication Science students  from three different concentrations: Audio Visuals with 56 works, Public Relation with 82 works, and Journalistics with 19 works.

Furthermore, there were 17 owners of the most popular social media accounts in Malang introduced to the participants. As entertainment, there were fascinating performances by Ocarinesia, Depapepe, 4wheels, FISIP Dance, and many more.

The Head of Communication Science Laboratory Jamroji said that there is need of media of appreciation to facilitate the students in developing their fields of study. “Through this festival, we want to show our appreciation toward their works in order to build their pride, confidence, faith, evaluation, and motivation for a better improvement in future,” he explained.


The peak of the event will be held on upcoming Tuesday (24/5) in Taman Sengkaling UMM  in form of Awarding Night. There will be awards for the best works of each concentration major of Communication Science UMM. (gas/han/t_far).



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