AFI Roadshow 2016, MAFI Fest Nomination Appreciatiates Best Film Festival

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From left, the main character of film Dahlan Iskan and the Chairman of AFI 2016 Committee, Donny Damara, the Head of Fim Development Ministry of Cultural and Education, Maman Wijaya, Lecturer of Communication Studies UMM, Novin Rayan Wibowo, and Director of Film Malang Festival 2017, Fania Yuning.

The top event of Apreciation Indonesian Film (AFI) 2016 would be held in Manado, South Sulawesi, on October 8, 2016. Before that, AFI held roadshow to several cities such as Banjarmasin, Makassar, Padang, and Malang. In Malang, the roadshow was held in University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) for two days, Friday to Saturday (September 30 to October 1).

The head of the Film Development Center (Pusbang Film) Ministry of Education and Culture Republic of Indonesia, Maman Wijaya, Maman Wijaya said that, the reason why UMM was chosen as the location of the roadshow was because UMM film community was famous across the nation. Moreover, Malang Film Festival (MAFIFest), the annual event of UMM film appreciation, was one of the nominations in AFI, that was appreciation of film festival.

In the nomination, MAFI Fest would compete with four other festivals, which were Denpasar Film Festival, Anti-Corruption Film Festival, Jogja-Netpac Asian Fil Festival, and Jakarta Documentary & Experimental Festival. Among those five festival nominees, MAFI was the only festival which was filmed by students, and other four were filmed by professional filmmakers.

Maman continued,"This is the beginning of good cooperation. Hopefully it can produce something beneficial in the future. We hope especially Malang Film Festival and Malang itself will produce cinatographers with good quality who work nationally or even internationally”.

Next year, Maman said, UMM and Film Development Center (Pusbang) will make more concrete cooperation. " The minister is very concerned, especially in film development. He pushes the cinematographers to continue making masterpieces”.

Several activities had been scheduled in AFI 2016 roadshow in Malang, which were watching together (nobar) and discussing film “Sepatu Dahlan” with the main character, Donny Damara on Friday (30/9), and nonbar several other films such as Princess, Bajak Laut dan Alien on Saturday (1/10) in town square of Malang.

Sepatu Dahlanwas an inspirational masterpice which was adapted from a novel with the same title directed by Benni Setiawan. This film was picked up from Dahlan Iskan’s story of life. When the movie was over, the audiences (majority of them were students) were asked to discuss related to the development of national films.

Donny Damara ,the Chairman of AFI 2016 Committee, was highly appreciated that activity. He thought that a good film is a film that does not distance with the audiences. Nonbar/ watching together was an effective was to negate the distance.

 "This activity is a rare opportunity to close the gap between the cinematographers and the audiences. This kind of activity should be held more often as a forum for education of national fims”.

Meanwhile, the  Rector of UMM, Fauzan, welcomed AFI 2016. “AFI Roadshow is held in UMM, this is the way to sharpen our way of thinking in order to obtain something prodctive and edicative. This is also very good for young cinematograhers in UMM”. (acs/han)

the Rector of UMM Fauzan welcome mat AFI 2016. "AFI Roadshow held at UMM, this is not another in order to sharpen our thinking, so as to obtain something productive and educative. This is great for young filmmakers UMM, "said Fauzan. (Acs / han)



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